Best Casual Fashion Tips for Guys This Fall

Autumn is an awesome time for expanding wardrobes and changing up fashion for guys.  But for many fellows, it can get confusing to dress for the weather while still looking like a million bucks.  Luckily, it doesn’t have to be challenging to mix and match a few basic pieces to whip up a dapper style this fall.  Read on about the best casual fashion tips for guys this fall.

Layer Top Pieces

Fall presents loads of opportunities to pull off sharp, casual looks with layers.  You can easily sport a smashing look with a t-shirt and a blazer. This is a casual look, but also warm enough for chilly fall days.  You can also layer by wearing a wool pullover or button-sweater over a button-down collared shirt.

As you look through your wardrobe or go shopping for fall outfits, think about layers.  Your base layers should be light and wicking. The next layer, such as a waistcoat, sweater, or blazer should coordinate well in both color and material.  Lastly, your coat should be a neutral, all-purpose piece that blends well with all your other layers.

Fall Footwear

Boots are typically the go-to shoe for fall fashion, but you’re not limited to them. What matters most is how your shoes look with your outfit and your comfort.  So if you’d rather shop for walking shoes for men instead of looking for boots, trust your instinct.  That said, do try to invest in one pair of comfy chukka boots. These are usually suede or leather and they make any fall outfit sing.  They can be as comfortable as sneakers, but present a mature, dressier style than tennis shoes.

Picking the Right Pants

While jeans are always a go-to choice, fall opens up a lot more options for your wardrobe.  If you’re wondering about what pants to wear, instead of jeans, you’ve got a ton of threads to choose from. For instance, opt for the carrot pant that features a slender cut at the ankle.  This gives a tailored, sharp look that’s still casual and comfortable.  Or, choose the most popular casual pant of the season, which are khakis.  These are as versatile as jeans but far more upscale and mature-looking.  Furthermore, they pair great with blazers and cardigans.

Accessories for Fall

Chills in the air and crisp breezes abound in the autumn, and that’s the perfect opportunity to boost your look.  Invest in a classic plaid-patterned or herringbone cashmere scarf to wrap up your look nicely and make you look dashing.  Also, include a pair of sleek leather gloves to finish off your look.  And don’t forget a perfect chapeau to cap off your attire.  

While a knit cap might be practical, you can still heat your head with a fetching fedora or a dandy ivy cap to wear for a fabulous fashion feat.  All of these fall accessories are great to have as they improve your wardrobe this time of year and they are also practical in keeping you warm and toasty.

Accent Pieces to Tie it All Together

Now that you’ve got the basics down with these fall fashion tips, use accent pieces such as watches, belts, or simple jewelry to bring your look to a stunning conclusion.  Opt for a minimalist, wide leather belt with an understated buckle for a polished look.  Or try a woven braided belt for a bit of flash. 

Next, consider your watch as an ultimate statement in fall fashion.  Stick to warm, autumn colors with a wide banded leather timepiece for a classic look.  For a little more intrigue, try out a wooden banded watch which presents a rich appearance and also adds visual intrigue to your outfit. 

If you’re open to jewelry, pick simple pieces such as an understated, single silver wrist cuff.  You can also elect to wear a basic cable bracelet or a braided leather bracelet.  Your options are virtually endless when it comes to jewelry.  Just remember, less is best.

The Last Word on Fall Fashion for Men

There are so many styles and options for sprucing up your fall wardrobe. But don’t get overwhelmed.  Experiment with different materials, colors, and layers.  Take a trusted friend who has good taste with you while you’re shopping and get their opinion.  Lastly, remember that style is meant to be functional as well as self-expressive.  So be uniquely you in your fashion choices, and always stay comfortable for this upcoming season.