Best Casino-Themed Movies to Learn How to Play for Real

Can you learn how to play casino games by watching movies?

There is a specific kind of thrill an individual get by streaming a great movie from Netflix, sitting in the cinema for date, or popping a good DVD into their player at home. Undoubtedly, setting aside a few hours to take in a film is a feeling that for sure cannot be matched by any other entertainment out there. If you are a person who likes gambling, playing slot machines and poker you will agree that the sensation you get at gaming tables comes close; that sense of excitement, anticipation, and intrigue about how events will turn out.

Gambling is an attractive activity for many people from all over the globe, and this excitement has been captured in many Casino-Themed movies. Apart from just watching these movies for fun, players get a chance to acquire new gaming concepts and skills, which they can use while gambling to enhance their winning chances and have more fun. This is the main reason you should read on to find some of the best movies about gambling you can watch.

List of the best Casino-Themed movies to watch

As said above, online gaming giving thrills and fun at the poker and slot machines has revolutionized the gambling scene in the past few years. This means you can watch a classic flick on TV while at the same time playing a classic casino game on your tablet or smartphone. Some of the Casino-Themed movies that will please you include:

Hard Eight: Released in 1996, Hard Eight will spring to mind for many moviegoers as a movie about poker that ticks all the right boxes. The plot of this incredible Casino-Themed movie revolves around a casino regular known as Sydney Brown, who befriends a younger prodigy named John Finnegan. This movie covers the tales of murder, lust, and deception. In Hard Eight, the casino scenes range from dark to ridiculous, while John and Sydney keep viewers on edge constantly.

Owning Mahowny: This is another fantastic movie about gambling you need to watch. Based on a true story, Philip Hofmman plays Canadian bank manager Mahowny, who goes on a casino ride and ends up on the wrong side of the law. This gambling movie delves deep into Mahowny’s flawed character, which flits between him being a success to the public but a different beast in private at the casino table. Supported by his confused girlfriend and the casino manager, Mahowny’s life starts to unravel as the casino floor drama is matched by a multi-million dollar fraud case that builds against him.

Casino: Casino is the ultimate movie about gambling and not just due to its title. This movie reveals the glory and the gore of the Las Vegas casino world in the 1970s and ‘80s. Back then, Italian –American mobsters ruled the scene, and Joe Pesci’s portrayal of the tough guy is the film’s defining legacy.

The Card Counter: In this Casino-Themed movie, Paul Schrader’s sleek, moody, anguished drama is about a veteran card player moving from one casino to another as a means of controlling his life and hiding from the guilt of his past. He likes this specific milieu and delights in detailing its nuances and intricacies. In many cases, the gambling scenes sit uneasily alongside Schrader’s usual tone of pain and guilt, but they also enliven and energize him and the film.

Tips to play at casinos according to the movies

To be able to play at the casino according to the movies, you need to follow all the movie happenings keenly to understand the best moves to make while playing casino for real money. In simple words, how things unfold or flow in a movie about gambling is essential in helping you know how to play the game. Also, as you watch a Casino-Themed movie, it is good to pay attention to how the characters play the game to acquire new gaming concepts and skills that you can use while playing at real money online casinos.

Closing comments

There are hundreds of good movies out there that include gambling-related activities into their storyline, such as the ones explained above. Some movies about gambling demonize the activity while others glorify it. However, all these movies come with exceptional performances that leave viewers interested in playing casino games such as Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack. In this article, the question of whether one can learn how to play a casino game by watching a movie has been answered. The article has also assembled some of the most popular movies that provide both gaming strategies and entertainment. With these movies, you can also get some lessons regarding gambling addiction and aggressive gambling.