Best Beer Subscription Services for the Lager Lout in your Life

The events of the last year naturally led many of us to, whether through convenience or boredom, test out subscription services for a variety of things. Baking kits, beauty products, teabags, cheeses, razors, you name it. But one service that really skyrocketed into popularity is the beer subscription box.

The idea of having a regular delivery of a changing rotation of craft beers is, of course, incredibly appealing to people who love their beer. These services offer more than your usual supermarket selection, as the labels included are usually rarer names that aren’t available locally. So, whether you’re more partial to a crisp French lager or prefer a malty Belgian Pilsner, I’ve put together a list of some of the best beer subscription services on the market.


Beer52 is almost unavoidable at the moment. It has fast become one of the biggest names in its industry, and its subscribers would tell you it’s for good reason. The service changes its lineup monthly, picking different countries to introduce you to a whole new culture of beer. Beer52 sends their experts worldwide to learn about the beers of each country, ensuring they’re delivering you an authentic experience. The deliveries are easy to personalise, and you’re able to choose whether you want 8, 10 or 12 beers each month. You can even choose whether you want stouts or porters mixed into your selection. Each delivery also comes with a magazine detailing your menu of drinks and a snack related to the country in your box.


The BeerBods subscription aims to ensure you’re fully clued up with enough beer knowledge to show off to all of your friends. You will receive twelve beers every twelve weeks, and each Thursday, BeerBods will send you an email talking you through the beer of the week. You can even join in with weekly live tastings.


If you’re up for trialling out a beer subscription but feel unsure of fully committing, HonestBrew may be the people for you. They offer full flexibility with a simple setup: choose how many beers you’d like every month (6, 9 or 12) and you can cancel whenever you want. You can skip a month and even order a special party case should you need it. 90% of their beer selection cannot be found in supermarkets, so you’re in for a treat if you’re looking to try out unknown names.


Hoppily’s service is easy to use, good value for money and guarantees freshness. They offer a flexible subscription allowing you to choose 8 or 10 beers per month, which is adjustable at any later date. Hoppily’s selling point is that they work on obtaining the freshest beer possible, which is achieved through working closely with a number of breweries. This partnership means that subscribers will also receive discounts on brewery tours.

Written by Tom Loughran