Belstaff SS15 Collection

The theme of Belstaff’s SS15 collection is new and inventive but also very true to the core of the Belstaff brand. The theme is an homage to the British cafe racers and rockers of the 1960s. Its spirit and attitude is, as they say, “of the style’s conscious generation of rebellious youth which remains the same in the present day Belstaff.”

belstaff 1

With Belstaff’s appreciation of showing their theme – which comes from style, music and machine – the collection will update its wax cotton silhouettes into coated linens and summer weight leathers with badges, pins and studs that are vintage.

belstaff 2

Belstaff will be redefining old pieces from the time and making them more contemporary. One of their ways of doing this is by making a durable oil suede riding suit which will be paired with Bandana prints, reflected in shirt jackets and neck scarves.

belstaff 3

As the collection becomes a love letter to this time in the 1960s, the brand has decided to reference flight pilots and aviation within the collection, to show the part it has played in Belstaff’s history. Belstaff’s interest in speed and adventure, not just in their inspiration but also in their designs, comes out.

belstaff 4

The outdoors appeal to the Belstaff brand is evident and with every new collection we keep getting new and innovative editions. Belstaff does not stop and the SS15 collection is proof of that. We wait for summer 2015 for the 1960’s to come rolling in.