Belstaff AW15 Collection

British style and biker jackets do not necessarily go together, but if there is one brand that have managed to buck the trend then it would have to be Belstaff. For years now, the global luxury brand has injected a spirit of adventure into each of their collections, inspired by the fearless explorer and the fashion enthusiast. The autumn/winter 2015 offering is no different.

bellstaff 1

For the autumn collection the brand took inspiration from the “Ton-Up Boys” of the 1950s. Heavily into rock and roll and motorcycles, these dudes would meet at cafes and “do a ton” (exceed speeds of over 100 mph) on their motorbikes.

It goes without saying that they were fearless and reckless. Originally inspired by Marlon Brando in the iconic 1953 movie The Wild One, getting the look right meant everything.

bellstaff 2

Belstaff took these inspirations and gave them a 21st century twist for the new collection. The leather jacket has added elements of wax cotton and military surplus garments, both of which are at the heart of the brands heritage.

belstaff 3

This electric mix of mixed media infuses the whole range with a monochromatic chequerboard style at the root of the collection. To add to that 50s vibe, the models were all styled with white socks at the presentation which took place at an underground car park opposite the Houses of Parliament during LC:M earlier this month.

belstaff 4

Being a heritage British brand means that luxury in this collection goes without saying. To get that luxury feel, exclusive leathers have been mixed with shearling and seasonal oil prints. These prints also feature on jersey, fleeces and shirts and perfectly captures the spirit of the rebels that inspired this collection.