3 Behaviours That Damage Your Style

What 3 behaviours are holding you back from dressing the way that you want and feeling the way that you want?

When we improve the way that we dress we always think it’s external, we think it’s just the clothing that we wear. But we also have to work internally, improving our behaviours.

These 3 behaviours I’m about to outline in this article could be holding you back from truly feeling confident.

Of course improving your style begins with the clothing that you choose, but wearing it confidently is the key to true style. Dealing with these 3 challenges will help you feel more confident and allow you to dress how you want.

So what are those 3 behaviours?

1. Worry What People Think

I’ve spoken about this before but if you’re worrying what people think of you it’s going to damage how good you look alongside the style that you opt for.

Style is typically the way that you dress but it’s also how you carry yourself, your personality and your behaviours. If you’re worrying what people think of you this can impact your confidence.

I used to worry what people thought of me, I’d get ready for an event wearing something in which I felt I looked good in. Then I’d question myself… Are people going to judge me? Do these trousers look good? Are these shoes too much of a statement? All of these thoughts of judgement raced through my mind causing me to get changed and revert back to an outfit which is a little bit safer and less stylish.


How do you do it? How do you stop worrying what people think?

Start by realising that you’re not that important. It’s hard to take at first but we always feel like people are judging us more than they actually are. Everyone has their own internal issues they need to deal with which means they’re never judging or thinking about us as much as we think they are.

Don’t worry what people think it’s wasteful energy, dress for you

Here’s an article that goes into more.

2. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

Again, I’ve spoken about this before but perfectionism could be damaging your style.

Personally, perfectionism held me back in business. I wanted to create YouTube videos 7 years ago, there was a guy called Aaron Marino (you may have heard of him) at the time boasting around 30,000 subscribers and I believed I could do something similar. I grabbed a camera, recorded a video and then deleted it. I grabbed the camera, recorded another video, went and uploaded and didn’t upload anymore. Why? The videos weren’t perfect. What I said wasn’t on point, my hair was out of place, my style wasn’t great… After a few years a few more YouTubers started appearing creating style videos and hit numbers I could only dream of.

Once I overcame the perfectionism trap I started releasing videos and started to see growth, but imagine I published videos 7 years ago. Being a perfectionist took me away from doing what’s important… taking action.

mr perfect

In relation to style how often have you tried to make the way that you look ‘perfect’? From your hairstyle to your tie knot, if it’s not perfect don’t worry. I’d much rather you be confident and comfortable effortlessly wearing something that striving to be a perfectionist.

Being a perfectionist will hold you back from taking action and improving anything in your life.

3. Dress For You

Start by understanding what your style is and be aware of what you personally like and who you want to be.

I’ve had a lot of questions recently from guys looking for advice on what outfits to wear, what hairstyle to rock and what shoes to wear with jeans… It’s good to get advice but if you’re only wearing something because other people are you’re not going to feel comfortable wearing it or feel true to yourself.

Define your style, define who you are, how you want to dress and dress for you.

When you dress for yourself it allows to feel more confident and comfortable wearing the clothes that you choose. I could dress you in a red suit and tell you it’s on trend for this season, but if you feel uncomfortable wearing it it’s going to damage your overall style.

Be honest, when was the last time you wore something but checked yourself in every mirror and reflection because you felt uncomfortable wearing it?

Stop dressing for others, dress for yourself.

Change Your Behaviour

So there we have it, 3 behaviours that could be damaging your style and how good you look (and feel).

Have you got all 3 under control? What areas do you need to improve?

Let me know in the comments below.

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