Bedtime Ready: A guide to modern men’s sleepwear

As any sartorially-self aware gent will know, dressing well doesn’t stop when you cross the threshold of home after a day at work. Nor does it end when you return to your sanctuary after weekend dinner and drinks.

The word is out: throwing on a frayed old graphic t-shirt you picked up on a holiday and an ill-fitting pair of sweatpants just isn’t cool any more. Looking and feeling your best extends to bedtime now. Soft textures, sustainable materials and super cool colourways are all readily available to keep you feeling fancy when you turn in for the night.

So, if you’re looking to deep dive into the world of sleepwear, I’ve laid out the very basics for you to get started.

Firstly, it’s important to know that sleepwear isn’t just for sleeping. Much like loungewear, it extends to items like slippers, bath robes and dressing gowns.

Traditional Pyjamas

Consisting of a loose-fitting, long-sleeve, button-up top and drawstring trousers, traditional pyjama sets are made with soft, comfortable fabrics and can either be patterned or plain.

Modern Pyjamas

Modern pyjama sets tend to offer more stretch, being made from cottons such as pima and jersey with an elastane blend. They usually consist of a crew neck top and comfortable jogging bottoms.


A well fitting pair of house shoes is just as important to have as a staple pair of trainers. An increase in working from home has seen a boom in luxurious slippers and house shoes, with their ease of wear being a huge factor.


Duvet days never looked so good. A robe or dressing gown’s main purpose is to go over your pyjamas. They can either be soft and cosy or towel-like for that post-shower dry off.