Beard Styles You Can Have After A Beard Transplant

No more bald spots and sad, thinning hair on your chin! You’ve finally done it, got the beard transplant you have been dreaming of for so long and it’s time to show your luxurious new facial hair to the world. But it can take a while to enjoy the full results to the world. What you will need to do is take it gradually, trying out fancy new beard styles suitable for every stage of your post-surgery evolution. Here are some great ideas for achieving beard perfection, starting right after your transplant and until you have fully developed the epic facial hair of your dreams:

  1. Five o’clock shadow looks manly and seductive

Don’t worry if a couple of weeks after your transplant, the newly implanted beard hairs will start falling off – it’s a natural part of the process and they will grow back thicker and stronger. In the meantime, as they start sprouting, this is your chance to sport that rugged bad-boy look, with just the right amount of stubble to let the world know that life is too short for clean shaving. This style exudes power and confidence and is extremely low maintenance so channel your inner Jason Statham and give it a try!  

  1.  A Royale beard for the royal in you

If you’re looking for a classy styling option, you cannot go wrong with the Royale. It is achieved by growing a short moustache and then letting it connect to (or, if preferred, only reach down towards) your pointed goatee. It’s custom-made shape, with empty space in the middle, can be forgiving, allowing you to circumvent most areas where your new beard hair hasn’t yet grown in to its full potential. It works like a charm for Johnny Depp, does wonders for Colin Farrell and will no doubt look spectacular on you.

  1. Short boxed beard (with a bonus Ducktail twist!)

Now that your new beard hair has started to come in and has already reached a decent size, it is time to start showing it off. A short-boxed beard is an elegant, masculine and modern style which envelops your entire chin-area, and your jaw line, all the way to your sideburns. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can eventually let the lower side of your beard grow out, achieving a heart-throbbing, Jason Momoa-esque Ducktail style.  

  1. Full, gorgeous, luxurious beard

All the tortuous post-transplant wait for full results is now behind you and you have finally grown the coveted beard of your dreams. What you need to do right now is flaunt it! It is time to dazzle everyone with a rugged full beard that covers the entire lower side of your face and could even put Tom Hardy to shame. The days of low confidence about your facial hair are over, you can now let your wild, thick neck-long beard shine. Just remember to keep it neatly trimmed around the edges, to avoid an unkempt, bushy look.