Be The Best man You Can Be With Good Dental Hygiene

There are many things that should be considered when you want to be a better version of yourself. Keep in mind that there will always be obstacles that may come your way. It may greatly affect your progress towards achieving your goal. You may encounter people who will not believe in your capabilities, you may encounter personal problems— physical or mental, you might make some serious mistakes and bad decisions, you might as well encounter natural disasters on your way but these problems should not hinder your growth as a person. Instead, use these as a motivation to strive harder and be the best version of yourself.

In becoming the best version of yourself, you must become fully aware of your limits and capacity. Becoming the best version of yourself will not be possible without eliminating some bad habits that can affect you as a whole like always thinking about the fear of being a failure, the habit of pleasing people, the habit of judging and criticizing other people, procrastination, fear of judgment, and many more. When you constantly fear failure, you will not be able to move forward. Yes, it is normal to fear failure. It is normal to fail because you cannot grow with only having successes in life. As you age, you will fail not just once or twice but many times. It is normal and a part of life. You just have to stand up and try again. If you are continuously thinking about being a failure and let that stick into your mind then, nothing will happen. You will just be afraid to try harder and you will just be afraid of success. You will just be at the bottom for a long time.


Another habit to be eliminated is that you have to stop pleasing people and stop thinking about what others say about you. Their opinions matter, yes, but your decision is what matters the most. In the end, it will always be up to you and not up to them. You must strive hard for the benefit of yourself because the benefit for others will come after. You will be judged and criticized in your life and it will only affect you if you let them to. Learn to accept criticisms and do not take it against you. Instead, make it a motivation to become the best version of yourself. Show them that what they think about you is wrong and that you can achieve all of your goals. In relation to having the fear of being judged and criticized, another hindrance to self-growth is when you are the one giving over criticisms and the one being judgmental. Always remember the golden rule of Confucius: “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”. Yes, we are only human and we make mistakes but, wouldn’t it be nicer to be the bigger person? It will not only make an impact on other people, but it will also a key to growth and self-actualization.

The tasks that we do in our everyday life varies from easy to hard. It may be categorized as urgent or something like “for later”. And even though we have it all categorized and organized, we still tend to procrastinate. Procrastination is what holds us back. Instead of moving forward and accomplishing tasks, we tend to “swerve” our way and think that the task could be done later, if not, tomorrow, or worse, never. Retaining this habit in our system makes us slow and, in the end, our performance is affected. Instead of giving out an excellent job, our performance will just be mediocre. People will be disappointed, and again, it will cause: failure — a situation in our life that is neither good nor bad.


Aside from eliminating the bad habits, there are also good ways to start improving our self, towards becoming the best man we can be. Many things can be considered towards becoming the best man you can be. You can start with your personal hygiene. If you are taking care of the body properly, you will be healthy and you will be able to fight against the diseases that may enter and affect the body. Practicing good hygiene does not just include having to wash and taking a bath every day, it also means having good oral hygiene. According to research, the mouth is the number one dirtiest part of the body. This is because millions and billions of bacteria are forming inside it. Toothbrushing and flossing are not enough.


A monthly visit to the Dentist In Greeneville can help in maintaining good oral hygiene. There are many services that can be done to ensure the cleanliness of the mouth like extensive cleaning and brushing called oral prophylaxis, and full mouth rehabilitation. You can also ask the dentist to fluoridate your teeth for extra protection. The dentist can use fluoride varnish samples in different flavours you can choose from. They may apply it to you using different techniques like brush application, foam, and gel. As easy as it sounds, maybe just by having good dental hygiene will make us the best person we can be?! Kidding aside, when you hear the words “maintaining good hygiene” sound really simple — but in reality, it is the opposite. Maintaining hygiene is quite a challenge and that is why we must start making it a habit to include it in our daily task.

Next one is that there will be times that we might feel like we are at our lowest, so we might rethink about why are we in this situation in the first place. We might think of giving up and just stop everything. If this happens, just think about why we started everything. Think about the purpose and why we should continue what we started. If anything won’t work as it used to be, do not be afraid and start everything from scratch. It is better to start anew than continue a work that may just bring out rubbish results. Another step in becoming the best version is being patient. There are no shortcuts in life. Everything is going through processes and there are no easy ways. We will have to accept that the road to success is rough. It may be long and full of obstacles but, if we are patient enough, we will be able to reach and pass through. Of all the ways that we should follow in becoming the best man, the most important is motivation. Motivation is the drive that made us start a certain work. It is what we need to become a better person. It is one of the keys to success. If the motivation is lost, there will be no more drive to improve our work and our self. Our world will become dull, lifeless, and colorless.


As mentioned above, there are no shortcuts to success. We all have to go through pain, disappointments, loss, and many more. But in spite of this, we have to remain positive. We have to keep the energy flowing and we have to maintain a positive aura. We must keep in mind that these are just words and should not affect our whole being. Keep on smiling like how the doctor in the wonderful dental clinic taught you. Remind yourself that you are stronger than all of your worries. Yes, it will take time, but you can be the best man or woman you can be!