Baths Are for Men, Too

We’ve all seen the adverts: a lady reclined in a hot bubble bath, surrounded by candles, soft music playing and a glass of wine next to them, beautifully portraying what relaxation should look like. The flip side of this, however, is what we imagine when we think of a man’s bath. Ice baths, cold showers, sports recovery, and that 9-in-1 shower gel that nobody asked for, yet here we are.

Now, don’t get me wrong, an ice bath for recovery is important if you’ve partaken in a serious activity, but not after a long shift at work. Sometimes you do just want a long soak, but pouring your 9-in-1 shower gel into hot water won’t create the luxurious experience you desire.

This is when I stumbled across Bave, a company founded by two men who realised that we’d lost our way when it came to bathing. We had forgotten both its physical and mental benefits and everything seemed to be either floral-scented or a bath bomb full of glitter. It was here where they found a gap in the market. They successfully created a range of masculine-fragranced bathing products that expertly combine natural ingredients to maximise the mental and physical benefits of bathing without harming the environment. They sell a range of sets and individual bottles to allow you to get the most you possibly can out of your bathe. Trust me, you won’t look at baths in the same way again.

Tobacco & Vanilla Bath Soak

Perhaps the king of men’s scents (or at least in my aftershave shelf, anyway), this Tobacco and Vanilla bath soak will leave you feeling and smelling divine. The combination of rich tobacco leaf and soft vanilla is subtle, yet pleasant enough that once you lay back in your bath, you’ll be feeling fully relaxed.

Frankincense & Black Pepper Bath Soak

Spicy, fruity and floral – this particular soak combines a whirlwind of rich, strong scents to produce a serious bathing experience. If aching muscles are your reason for hopping in the tub,

then this strong-scented soak will surely make you feel like its getting right to the source. If you want to exit the bathroom smelling particularly regal, this is the one for you.

Bergamot & Cedarwood Bath Soak

This one goes out to all the sweet smell lovers out there. After a stressful day at work, this scent is guaranteed to bring you the relaxation you’re craving. It has a mild scent, allowing you to fully unwind and let the stresses of the day melt away into the warm, woody-smelling bubbles.

Peppermint & Clary Sage Bath Soak

Another strong-smeller, this soak brings the almighty herbal healer peppermint into the bath game. Cool and refreshing, yet balanced out by clary sage, a dip in these bubbles guarantees a re-energised post-bath man. Think toothpaste, but classier. What more could you want?

Written by Tom Loughran