Want to become that wine guy, well now’s your chance with Baron De Ley wines

It’s coming into summer, and it’s going to be hot, and so are you and thirsty, which means it’s time to start thinking about that beautiful bottle of Rosé. 

Baron de Ley is a winery in Spain in the most celebrated wine region, Rioja.

The Rosado de Lágrima is a pale and fresh mineral rosé made from the first pressing of Garnacha.

If you’re thinking of drinking outside in the summertime, you are pairing the experience and that’s important. This wine is a clean, pale pink colour with hints of coral, with white blossom aromas enhanced by hints of balsamic and ripe red fruits. A good wine should have balance and provenance, and the palate of this wine is luscious, fresh and mineral, and yes, perfectly balanced.

The Finca Monasterio in a concentration and mediterranean soul in a vineyard “super blend’ Grown in their estate surrounding the Benedictine Monastery.

This red wine will turn you into believing that it’s ‘The One’, the wine you dream about serving at a dinner party, or just reaching for a glass after a long day, the perfect companion.

This wine is bright, deep cherry-red and iris-purple on the rim, adding an uplifting aroma of liquorice and balsamic oak, spices and milky and roasted hints. It’s surprisingly and highly drinkable, not the sort of wine you have to think about too seriously, and this wine will taste fresh across your palette.

And you will never wish you were drinking something better. You won’t, trust us.

When it comes to wine, these bottles are a completely different equation. So time to become a wine snob.