BAM Clothing

Today we want to bring your attention to a clothing brand that caught our eye… BAM clothing. They’re the leading name in the world of bamboo clothing offering eco-friendly and ethically made bamboo performance wear that you can live in. It’s ultra soft, comfortable and versatile.

We got our hands on a selection of their sportswear, and tested it out for comfort and performance at the gym. Impressed we were, with the stand out feature being the natural comfort of the garments as soon as you put them on. They make you feel better straight away, causing no irritation when exercising and it’s a unique feeling hard to describe.

Bamboo clothing is moisture wicking, temperature controlled, anti-bacterial, anti-static and UV protective. All these combine to produce a stunningly soft and ubiquitous garment.

BAM is all about innovation, adventure, quirkiness and spirit. It is the ‘next to the skin’ clothing of choice for outdoor enthusiasts, sports lovers, expeditioners, and others who just love its unique feeling.

They don’t just offer sportswear either, they stock a range of outerwear from bamboo jumpers to polo shirts. Accessories are also a feature within their extensive collection, with the socks and underwear being the most comfortable under layers you’ll ever put on.

bam-clothing1 bam-clothing2 bam-clothing3 bam-clothing4

BAM was the first brand in Europe to start offering bamboo clothing, back in 2006. Constantly innovating, BAM leads the way in the comfort, quality and performance of bamboo clothing.

For every received order the company plants a tree in the name of the purchaser.

For more information to see the current range please visit Bamboo Clothing here.