Backpackers Guide to Style…


If you’re one of the lucky ones this summer to be globe-trotting, it can be easy to get caught up in all the excitement of booking tickets, choosing your first place to stay on arrival and scoping out the best sight-seeing hotspots. Depending on the length of your trip, whether it be a few weeks or months; your bag and its contents will be of high importance when you’re on the go… it is essential that you feel fully prepared to take on whatever is in store for you.

To hinder clothes swapping amongst your trusty group of mates, or perhaps you are bravely going solo, you will require a kit of clothing and accessories to help support your style needs throughout every step of the journey. We take a look at a cohesively travel friendly fashion guide, packed with basics and essentials to carry you through these exciting times ahead.


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First things first, if you’re an Urban Explorer you won’t be going anywhere fast without one of these. This accessory will be the single most important thing to hold all of your travel necessities and it will become a good friend; reliable, trustworthy and supportive throughout any sudden change of climate.

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With so many styles and variations catered to the needs of the modern day traveller; this essential need not be boring. Bright colours along with contrasting clashing fabrics make for an interesting pack. Added features, such as water repellent fabrics, enhance the practicality of the traditional rucksack with others also designed specifically for the runner on the go.

Take a look at these fantastic products…

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If you’re planning an excursion on foot, chances are you will need a few alternatives and changes of shoes. For a hot climate, a sturdy pair of shoes or trainers with breathable uppers will provide comfort as well as shade to your feet. Lightweight hiking style boots, desert shoes or comfy trainers are your best bet. As it’s important to get your footwear just right, sometimes paying a little more for your product will work in your favour overall. Look at shoes for a backpacking holiday as an investment – on your return you can be sure to wear them again.

depict bootseuro hikersebago shoes

clarks suedenew balance editionnike light black


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Just because you’re going travelling doesn’t mean your style should be compromised. An explorer’s wardrobe should consist of several tees or vests, versatile, practical and fuss free when it comes to cleaning. Consider cooling fabric properties for hot climates, especially designed by leading brands, in order to keep your body temperature down. Prints will be nowhere to be seen but you will be feeling comfortable and at ease.

Have a look at these AIRism pieces to wear up top from Uniqlo…

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Sometimes when you’re travelling, the weather will make an inevitable turn for the worst; wind, rain and plummeting temperatures can test your initiative and survival skills. It is, therefore, great to be prepared when this happens. You can shop these Heat Tech layers that will seal in the added warmth you need.

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If you’re on the lookout for shorts, keep things simple, with cargo and chino style you can’t really go wrong.

james shortsblue bleached shortschinos grey shorts

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Waterproof jackets are perfect for travelling, even if you’re visiting a hot climate. Chances are you will get wet at some point and will need something to stop yourself from getting annoyingly wet. Waterproof jackets are easy to wear and fold away thereby maximising space in your luggage. Make sure you invest in an outer-layer for your trip. You may be surprised how many multi-uses you will get besides just wearing it.

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Travel Accessories

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A cohesive collection for the 21st century urban traveller. They’re not only good to wear but useful things to have on your travels. Remember to pack light!

mirrored sunglassesgreen camo watchlifers camo print

eco drive citizenscarf linenjimbob art

velcro walletselectric flip flopssprinkled socks

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A Few Last Words…

Here at MFM we know how important it is to be fully prepared for any close trip, let alone travelling around the globe. We hope you’re inspired to start pre-planning your wardrobe ahead of your getaway. Remember, pack light but make sure you also have a few style treats to pamper yourself along the way – whether it be a timeless pair of sunglasses or something as simple as retro trainers.