AW14 Colour Trend Report

With London Collection Men’s AW14 over in a flash, we look to draw inspiration from what was… a fantastic fashion highlight that kick-started the new year. Tailoring, sportswear and prints were amongst the majority of catwalk designer shows; showcasing the elite of garments, accessories and outerwear. It was noted that this season that London Collection Men’s was unpredictably contemporary yet wholly very wearable and accessible in comparison to previous years.

It seems that designers and brands have finally cracked it; that we essentially look to buy “lived in” clothes and the requirement for transitional pieces to suit the client or consumer is currently a high demand.

It’s always an exciting time to check out the latest colour trends of the coming season, here we explore some of the shades featured throughout the shows for AW14.

Lou Dalton- Neutrals

colour 001

Famed for her eclectic garments; that sport a vintage aesthetic and approach to the translation of tailoring and knitwear- Lou Dalton made another great impression at LCM. Showcasing a range of warm, highly stylish utilitarian pieces; colours were kept neutral throughout. Earthy tones of brown and cream highlighted luxurious finished fabrics such as corduroy and wool. Nostalgic references to the late 1970’s working class skinhead sub-culture, was present in oversized shirts and elements of bleached denim. Hints of camouflage and pink also featured in layering of the collection.

Lighten Up

With Spring just around the corner, we can take inspiration from Lou Dalton’s AW14 collection and get ahead of the pack. With these investment pieces, take a fresh neutral approach to stocking up on light layering this season. Uni Qlo currently has a fantastic range of essentials that will seamlessly fit right into your wardrobe with ease. Worn as a whole look as understated don’t be afraid to add a bright accessory or contrast print for effect. Dismantled, you can wear just one or two of these pieces with dark denim or black if it feels more you. Church’s Burton Brogues create a smart statement and will stand you in good stead for the coming months.

mens trench coatmens oxford shirtextra warm shirt

flat front trousersmens mesh beltsburton brogues


Margaret Howell- Contrast In The Dark

colour 002

Margaret Howell renowned for her classic timeless garments were seen intrinsically worked with the finest attention to detail. A moody yet professional palette of black, navy and charcoal; Howell’s take on winter wear is unwavering, chic and modish. Keeping it dark for AW14 the show boasted slouchy FairIsle inspired knits styled with relaxed well-cut trousers and tailoring. Refined in execution, the balance of work-wear in each catwalk look and was complimented by a relaxed contemporary aesthetic.

Inky Styling

In wishing to create an impact, dark shades have always maintained a strong manifestation. If you’re not adventurous but merely love to be consistent in your style choices; take a leaf out of Howell’s book. Navy, charcoal and black are supreme transitional colours, matched with brights, pastels or prints. You’re on to a winner if you shop these early, given the opportunity you can mix and match a range of styles into your daily regime. Keep things sharp with god tailoring and a fuss-free detail style agenda.

maison martin jacketdarkblue sweatshirtmens kilder shirt

margiela black chinoslong wing broguesblue zip wallett

Christopher Shannon- Orange

colour 003

Continually groundbreaking in his concept of print design and pattern; Christopher Shannon didn’t fail to disappoint at LCM. Heavily sportswear trend led, his collection for AW14 featured a vast array of happy mood boosting shades dominantly with orange. Worked into knitwear, leather sampling and casual layering; this shade further modernised and challenged his topical perception of Autumn Winter wear. Shannon’s garments pushed the boundaries of between smart practicality and luxurious street wear.

Bright Man

Providing the weather is good over the next few months, you’ll find yourself digging out lighter layers and your trusty brights. It’s a misconception that orange is essentially too out there for any guy to try out. It’s a wonderful shade with endless possibilities in the personal styling department. Complimenting every colour on the spectrum, orange with bring warmth to your greys and interest to your monochrome pieces. As a whole look it’s quite powerful and if you’re a fashion extrovert it’s no problem!

Broken down as a look, one or two individual high quality pieces can really work wonders with a monotone ensemble. Instantly lifting your mood, this is the shade to watch. With Shannon showcasing it for AW14, shop it now to integrate it into your Spring look with immediate effect.

folk blend shirtkiniited wool sweaterjcrew trousers

series steel wristwatchcheck blend scarfpainted sneakers


Catwalk looks are a great source of inspiration for our personal style, you can first admire, research and try on pieces without feeling you have to commit to a purchase. Colours are very important, the signals they give off and also the moods in which we feel whilst wearing them should all be considered. Whether it’s neutral, dark or bright attire that takes your interest- shop pieces that you can simply work into your current wardrobe. Or on the other fashion hand dealt- experiment and have fun taking in new inspiration.