AW13 Trend: Luxury Leather Jackets

With the influx of black and muted colour palettes this season alongside edgy designs and styles, it may be a little intimidating to those of us who prefer the style of an English gent as opposed to this idea of a style rebel. But despite any predefined thoughts on looking too ‘Goth’, even the most bowtie clad of us all can still feel the urge to look a little badass now and then. Here at MFM we always like to suggest dipping a proverbial toe rather than doing a full on swan dive into the proverbial pool of the unknown. So we suggest taking one particular piece of clothing as a sampling into a new style or trend. The leather jacket is a classic piece of men’s outwear that has been around for many years, and it has appeared in many forms on many different men. This makes us realise that a cool leather jacket can transition itself into many different looks regardless of your personal style.

Make It Work

You don’t have to listen to rock music, or ride motorbikes or even be a rebel without a cause to work a leather jacket. Fashion is ultimately an extension of your inner-self and your personal identity. Sometimes it can just be how you want to represent yourself on that particular day. As a personal example, those of you who read my pieces regularly will know I am a fan of bow ties and blazers and looking like I’ve stepped off the set of Downton Abbey (in a stylish and modern way of course!). But sometimes this idea of looking tough and edgy comes into play and we want to feel like we could take on the world. A really cool looking leather jacket is what could take a look from pleasant to powerful in just a few short seconds. There are many different styles of jacket out there, and when we think of leather ones in particular this idea of black comes to mind. In fact click online to any fashion retailer and you will see that black is the dominant colour amongst all the leathers, but what you will also see is mix of different colours and shades you may have previously not even thought about. Greens, khakis, tans, and even maroons have been spotted and this allows for a wealth of diversity when it comes to creating a great look with a great looking leather jacket.

leatherjackets 001

If you want to change up an outfit, you need to think about your style and the kind of outfit you would initially plan for that day. From yet another personal perspective an outfit selection for me could consist of smart trousers, smart shoes, shirt, bow tie and a blazer. As always fabrics and colours take a big responsibility into how the outfit looks. So let’s just say for example you are going for a monochromatic look, take each piece of your look and work out how a leather jacket can take your look from dapper to daring. First get rid of the blazer and change it for a cool, leather jacket. Instantly your look has changed. Change your smart trousers for smart chinos or some nice denim trousers to make the look more edgy. But don’t forget the key piece is the leather jacket. This is just a quick way to show you how to change things up with the addition of a leather jacket to your look.

Investment Pieces

Investing in a good quality designer piece, in particular when looking for a leather piece; is a really smart move. Despite the off putting price tags, you know that en expensive leather jacket has been made to perfection and that the leather is treated and constructed properly to create a strong piece of craftsmanship that will last. These are essentially investment pieces so you really want to take your time when selecting the perfect one to represent your style.

leatherjackets 002

Many designers have been showing leather jackets in their collections, so instantly a leather jacket is the perfect addition to an AW13 wardrobe. Rick Owens and Saint Laurent for example are probably two of the best at creating cool edgy looks, and their leather jackets are iconic pieces in themselves. Featuring asymmetrical zips and perfectly tailored panels to add extra dimension to a jacket, these will surely give you that extra ‘edge’. Givenchy are another brand that have been reworking this idea of a leather jacket, adding hoods, leather striped detailing and double sleeves which make the transformation easier for you because the jacket has already done all the work. Why not take a look at some of the leather jackets we feel could add an element of ‘bad ass’ to any look, and see what you think for yourself.


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benson bombers jacketdunnavant jacketsgivenchy cotton jackets

bauhaus shearling jacketglendower jacketsshearling bomber jackets

mcq leather jacketsfendi degrade jacketbalmain leather jackets

vivienne jacketszip detailed leather jacketcafe bikers jackets

bonded bikers jacketsovershit leathe jacketzip moto leather jacket


So there you have a quirky look into luxurious leather jackets, and how you can add them to your wardrobe in the simplest and easiest way possible. It is getting kind of cold so now would be the perfect time to invest in a quality piece like the ones we have shown. If you don’t feel like splashing the cash on an expensive designer piece, keep an eye out for our upcoming piece on how the high street have tackled leather jackets this AW13 season.