AW13 Fashion Mistakes

Afraid to look? Us too! As purveyors of style, we, sadly, have come across a number of AW13 mistakes. Needless to say, these looks should not follow us into 2014 and must be forgotten about now! Although there is most likely a number of “trends” we have overlooked, we could only bare to write about these 5 disasters.

1.Taking the Plunge

mistakes 001

Let’s take you back to 2009. From the runways of Europe to Duckie Brown and Michael Bastian at New York Fashion Week, it was all about man cleavage. The androgynous fascination of plunging necklines then hit our stores and has ever since been a huge trend for men across the world. But here’s the thing about deep v-necks, not only does it take you back to the 1970s – don’t get me wrong, I love Saturday Night Fever – but this aesthetic compulsiveness for less is more is just not okay. For us, more material is a must with regard to t-shirts standard v-necks have been around for many years, do yourselves a favour and either stick to tradition or choose a simple and stylish crew-neck.

Fix it: Stay on trend with either a splash of colour or a detailed pattern. But remember, guys – no-one is going to buy the whole ice cream truck if you’re giving away the popsicles for free!

vneck jersey teetextured teesaint damiano tee

2.Colour Clash

mistakes 002

While some people say certain fashion rules should be broken i.e. white after Labor Day (gotta have it!), there is one rule that has, and will probably always, go against the fashion grain for me. Red and pink. Don’t get me wrong, I love red. And pink (my colour of SS13). But there is just something about these two hues that quite simply clash. Even though this combination seems to appear more in womenswear, it still would pay to be careful as it has slowly been creeping into the menswear recently. Yet, this colour combination is supported by many – just take Victoria’s Secret carrier bag, for instance, or Jonathan Saunder’s AW13 womenswear collection.

Fix: To overcome this faux pas, we still suggest to colour block, but by pairing pink with navy, or red with green or denim (it is Christmas after all).

tansley blue roanportman sweaterecru panel jumper

roll neck cardigangabardine chinosoriginal straight jeans

3.Over-sized Branding

mistakes 003

Label lover? Us too! But love that label for style rather than substance. Nothing concerns us more than people wearing fashion for fashion’s sake with quality coming in a distant second place to the label itself. While certain labels which I won’t name (Jack Wills, ahem) plaster their clothes with writing, there are others which are more subtle in their approach to design. After all, you don’t want to become a walking advertisement. If you really love a brand, and if anyone truly knows fashion, the piece should speak for itself; people should be able to spot a Missoni cardigan or Givenchy t-shirt from a mile away without being told what it is. Just take this shirt from Liberty, it’s obvious from its print who the designer is without having any writing stretched across the torso.

Fit it: Forget substance and think of style. A little Ralph Lauren horse or Lacoste crocodile is a-okay, but if you insist on bold clothes, go for a printed shirt or graphic t-shirt. Leave the brand’s name for the inside label.

cotton jersey teeprinted cotton shirtmissoni degrade sweater


mistakes 004

We’re talking about 2-button blazers, here. And this is an easy one. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS leave the bottom button loose. Even a well-tailored suit can look sloppy if the wrong number of buttons is fastened. But if you think you’re going to forget, why not try an open-front blazer like the ones below.

Fix it: Do as we say. Simple.

flavius brown blazeropen front blazerpatchwork twill blazer


mistakes 005

There is no bigger AW mistake than not wearing a coat. Not just because it’s cold, but because there is a huge choice out there from blazers and boxy coats (on-trend this season) to parkas and duffels (Paddington Bear knows where it’s at).

Fix it: Get a coat!

canali wool peacoatmorton reefer jacketcropley crombie coat


We’ve warned you! Now there’s no excuse for making these mistakes ever again. If you think you’re about to make a fashion faux pas, ask another opinion as sometimes that’s all it takes. And just remember, the MFM Fashion Police are always watching!