AW13 Colour Trend: Emerald Green

A couple of days ago we spoke about this idea of colour as a trend and how this season designers alike have embraced colour in a way like we haven’t seen in a long time. Colour is usually left for spring and summer but our seasonal spirits are able to be lifted with the increase in affection to colour and this idea of tonal outfits. Last time we looked at our love for maroon and this time we are looking at a colour that like maroon can suit many people. Emerald green is a nice colour to embrace this winter, ignoring the obvious festive connotations this colour has the ability to transition itself into an outfit in a many number of ways.

Emerald is a more subtle version of a regular green colour in the same way maroon is a tamer version of red, this kind of colour use this season allows us to embrace this idea of winter colour with much more enthusiasm than before; without any fear of appearing garish. In winter’s passed if a gent was to embrace too much colour than deemed appropriate then you could almost hear the thoughts if others as the graced you with a disapproving glance. Now you are free to enjoy colour like it is meant to be enjoyed, and we must direct your attention to this particular shade of green not only because it is on trend but also because many men, regardless of skin tone or hair colour can wear this particular colour and shade.

emerald 001

The great thing about wearing a dark emerald green is that is can be combined a dark maroon piece too, something you normally wouldn’t think of. However we do recommend that you avoid wearing bright reds and greens together otherwise you may get rounded up and ushered back to Santa’s workshop where you will look like you belong. While AW13 is about embracing colour, don’t forget subtly should be embraced as well.

Tonal Dressing

There was a time when wearing an outfit consisting of one colour made you look a little bit crazy as well as lacking style of any kind, however this time around embracing one colour can be a good thing. We are however not looking at one exact colour, what we are directing you towards is this idea of tonal dressing. One colour is fine but you must allow for varying shades and tones of this colour to make the outfit look stylish and not stale. Alternative fabrics can be selected too because this can automatically change the appearance of one colour because of the canvas it has been placed upon.

emerald 002

It’s all about balance and finding what works for you, there are a number of different trends this season and as we are sure you are aware colour works with most of them (apart from the all black trend; obviously!). This is when the idea of emerald green becomes a little more open and branches into similar but different shades of green such as myrtle, forest green and fern green to name just a few. This gives us guys plenty more option to choose from but please, please stay away from the more garish end of the green spectrum; there is such a thing as being ‘too’ festive.

The Pieces

Here is a selection of some of the more covetable green pieces that you can choose from, how you wear them is up to you. Apologies for the cliché saying but your friends will be green with envy (sorry!) when they see you parading the latest in green pieces.

broken twill chinosbjarni blend sweatermassimo wool overcoat

wool suit ami trousersneppy green jumperstile green tee

lolgren wool coatstwiltro twill trouserschecked skinny trousers


wingtip thom broguespedro acne bootsleather lanvin sneakers

bertie heavy broguesdesert green bootspalmer green shoes

boat lander shoesorb icon loaferslanvin sole shoes


3d fabric lapel pingrain leather bagscable aranek scarfs

breton black socksdents leathers glovespiombo silk scarf

Final Word

Hopefully with the extent of choice we have given you should find yourselves pretty much covered. As Kermit the Frog once said ‘it’s not easy being green’ (again, Sorry!) but we feel it is now easier than ever to be green and look stylish too. If you want to look good this season, stay on trend then all you have to do is make it green.