AW12 Essentials: Desert Boots

While we all sit at home mulling over the Radio Times waiting for the big day that (dare I say it) is Christmas, we also cry a little bit inside to see that the summer/spring essentials have been pushed to the back of the wardrobe. Those items we have been bonding with for the past 6 months are alone, miserable and sad that they can’t see it through these minus degree temperatures.

In particular, the big SS statement shoe of 2012 was of course the timeless classic – desert boot. We learnt to rock the boot with so many looks, with jeans, chino’s, shorts, turn-ups and suits creating outfits of both a smart and casual style. Our wardrobe staple leaves us feeling slightly insecure for the upcoming winter, with its fragile suede body and neutral shades that could not take on the predicted snowy storms.

Well here gentlemen, is where I am delighted to tell you that the desert boot has received a seasonal makeover. Updating for winter in autumnal shades using more hardwearing suede, nubuck and tarnished treated leathers. The desert boot is now a must have wardrobe essential for the winter! (Hooray).

Winter Desert Boots

As the colours darken and settle down just as you do for the cold, the seasonal brisk winter walks and Christmas parties will still challenge you off that sofa. When you throw on your winter jacket whether you opted for a military style, the classic denim or leather, or the famous trench coat, tuck your toes up in the new and advanced desert boot and you’ll step out looking the part.

One way you can vary the look and bring in your festive touch is to slip under a Christmas inspired sock. This will allow you to roll up the trouser, so the turn-ups can continue and also give your style some seasonal humor. This hidden detail is a muted way of mixing fashion up with Christmas, without having to wear the statement Christmas jumper. So tone it down and avoid the hype if the pressure of Christmas is all getting a little too much.

You can also use this splash of colour from the socks to match a scarf. This will spice up your outfit and balance it against the typical shades of blue, browns and black we settle for at this time of year. The importance of accessorizing never ends and is always prior to giving your style that unique edge.

So, go out and treat yourself to a pair of the darker coloured, leather made versions of the boot to give yourself the desert makeover. Stepping out to any festive occasion with the comfort and style these boots offer, will give you an effortless confidence in your appearance. Although the pastel colours of the summer style are in hiding, this season you can pull off the same swagger in the ultimate winter edition. Here are some of of our favourites right now.

Leather Desert BootsBrown Desert BootsBlack Desert BootsBurgundy Desert Boots