AW Essential Accessories

Accessories are a necessity when it comes to completing a look, and it’s something we hate to admit but women accessorise a lot better than us. They understand the importance of using accessories to add unique touches to a look, and the fact that accessories can be used to add individuality. With high streets being dominated by the same retailers, it’s a common mistake most men make by buying and wearing the same things. It’s embarrassing when you’ve spent you’re hard earned cash on a new shirt, and on a night out you bump into three people wearing the exact same shirt as you. Using accessories can add an individual touch to this new shirt, and will separate your style from the masses.

When the autumn/winter season comes, it’s important to focus on textures and fabrics. We need to wrap up warm, so investing in men’s accessories, which enhance warmth, is a must. But what are the most popular winter accessories?

Beanie Hats & Trapper Hats

The obvious autumn/winter accessory, a beanie hat/trapper hat is going to add warmth to that bursting brain of yours. Headwear is something a lot of men don’t like wearing, but it’s just a myth that “hats only suit certain people”. Cable knit and Fair isle knit is something, which is hugely popular this season, so opting for cable knit and fair isle knit beanies is a great choice. Look to add colour and a unique pattern through mens beanie hats and trapper hats.


Your obvious choice when it comes to the chilly weather, a scarf can be used to add colour to a look. With a variety of ways to tie a scarf, opt for length and fabric. You want something, which is going to create obvious warmth, but something that is versatile and can go with a variety of looks.

Knitted Ties

Something a little different, knitted ties are one of our recommended accessories for autumn/winter. Again focusing on textures, a knitted tie steps away from the traditional element of the silk or polyester tie. It creates a new dimension to your look, and is a perfect addition this AW.

Accessories for men are extremely important this season, and its crucial us gents start paying more attention to accessorizing to add individuality and to separate ourselves from the masses.

By Paul McGregor