AVI-8 Royal British Legion Falklands 40 Meca-Quartz Limited Edition watch is seriously special.

We all love a commemorative watch, it symbolises the past, heroes of yesteryear and a story to be told. And it’s important that if you want to buy a commemorative watch, its tale is authentic. It is so much easier now to buy a watch, any watch, and covetable watches are launched at an alarming rate and probably at alarming prices.It is easier than ever to buy a watch for you guys, there is so much information you can get from Instagram, communities, and on the internet, there is more information than ever. Is it confusing, probably, new watches with more gadgets than a space rocket add to the confusion. It’s ok to have a fancy watch but in the end, sometimes you just need a watch that is a really, really good investment.

We don’t want timepieces that really don’t have anything to celebrate. AVI-8 have in the past brought out some amazing commemorative watches to celebrate past heroes, past tributes and time to remember.

The AVI-8 Royal British Legion Falklands 40 Meca-Quartz Woodward Limited Edition watch is seriously compelling. AVI-8  has had an unparalleled continuation partnership with the Royal British Legion for the second year running. It shows testament to the quality and craftsmanship that AVI-8 put into their watches, and they once again have brought out a beautiful limited edition that honours the brave and heroic men and women who served in the Falklands Conflict, in 1982, 40 years ago.

There are 4 watches in the Royal British Legion set, and our personal choice is the Woodward. But take a look at the Fieldhouse, Wilson and Thompson that come in a range of 3 other colours to suit your personal taste.These watches are crafted to exacting with a 316L steel case with an unidirectional turning bezel, Swiss luminous hands and indexes, the movement is Japan Meca-Quartz with 3 hands. This watch is so unique, look for the nod to the Royal British Legion and the Falklands Conflict, these are subtly found throughout the watch, such as on the dial, hands and crown.

Every watch that is sold will contribute to the amazing work of the RBL which in turn will support members of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, Veterans and their families, The AVI-8 FlyboyRoyal British Legion Falklands 40 Meca-quartz limited edition should be worn with pride, a statement watch that’s final result is a durable and stylish timepiece that gives back to those who served

Limited to just 1500 pieces, the watch will come uniquely numbered and comes in a very striking RBL-themed gift box.

Show some courage and wear a beautiful watch.

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