Autumn Luxe: Soft Tailoring

When it comes to men’s tailoring we are normally led to envision pieces that are tailored and fitted to perfection, stuffy suits and boardroom blazers come to mind in a not so appealing fashion. Suits and tailored pieces are always seen as the more conservative aspect of the male wardrobe, but this season we are seeing a softer side to men’s formalwear. In this week’s Autumn Luxe piece we take a look at this new trend and show you some of the key pieces available this season.

soft tailoring 001

This idea of formal restriction and uptight suits has more to do with how we wear these pieces rather than anything inherent in the styles themselves. However, to add to the softer side of men’s tailoring we are seeing an influx of softer fabrics and versatile prints to pull away from the stereotypical harshness of the full black or grey suit. As mentioned in previous Autumn Luxe articles we have seen the reincarnation of check prints and a modern version of the old English man way of dress.

soft tailoring 002

These styles link in well with this idea of a new way to wear men’s formalwear. This kind of tailoring has seen an increase in being worn outside of the meeting room, thus removing the formal aspect of formalwear in general. Daytime outfits are becoming a little bit dressier and incorporating the occasional diluted version of formal pieces. This is all helped along by the fact that we as fashion conscious gents are becoming increasingly broader-minded and looking at how we dress ourselves from a more exciting and fun angle. It is less about becoming suited and booted for a job in the city, and more about a relaxed feel to tailored pieces and how they can be worn.

soft tailoring 003

If you look at a tweed suit as a whole outfit, you can see that there are different parts of that suit that can be taken and inserted into other outfits. The blazer is a key piece this season and you can expect an article dedicated to these from me soon, but for now think about how adding a blazer to any outfit to alter the style of the overall look. Focus on blazers that are made of thicker materials like tweed and you will see how much less restrictive they appear than your typical suit jacket.

soft tailoring 004

soft tailoring 005

The same goes for trousers and waistcoats, these items in softer, less harsh fabrics bring together this idea of soft tailoring quite nicely. You want to feel sophisticated and relaxed, not uptight and stuffy. Looking at many of the images within this article you can see how this trend is worked into a number of different looks. It’s not just about how these pieces look but also how they feel, certain fabrics and styles already have a softness that they somehow manage to retain even when tailored into a fine tweed suit.

The Key Pieces

As always here at MFM we are continually working hard to bring you the best pieces for you to peruse at your leisure, we look for the pieces we think you will like and without any guilty feelings show you some of our favourite pieces as well. So take a look at the great pieces below and begin to consider how you can work the soft tailoring trend into your current wardrobe this autumn.

canali suit jacketjil sander blazersthom browne jackets

brown fleck blazerslarge check blazerscamel plain jackets

camel plain trousershardy amies blend trouserswool check trousers

slim fit suits trousersfish tail tweed trousersburgundy ultra trousers

single breasted coatswool blend check coatsalpaca wool blend overcoat

contrast blend overcoataustin 3 button coatleather trimmed coats


Soft tailoring is all about enjoying the refinement of a tailored piece, but in a cool and relaxed manner. Getting suited and booted can be fun, but it makes more sense to enjoy the new trends and styles that soft tailoring allows for this season. Embrace the tweeds, embrace the wool blends, and embrace the thicker fabrics that offer a more relaxed version of refined. No longer will your suit feel stuffy, and no longer will you feel uptight in that miserable weekly meeting. Show the rest of your office how it’s done and be the most stylish guy in and out of the office.