Autumn Luxe: Autumn Tones Pt. 1

In preparation for the impending autumn, we gave you a number of ‘Autumn Luxe’ articles in order to help you feel better equipped for the arrival of a new season. It has been a while since we offered some Autumn Luxe advice, so with that in mind here is our guide to implementing traditional autumn colours into your wardrobe. Personally I find autumn to be my most favourite season, the idea of new colours, styles and trends to play with and also the idea of layering appeals to me greatly. Summer and the warmer months are nice but extra heat means fewer clothes, so there may not be as many outfit variations in comparison to what we have to work with for autumn. Looking back at autumns past there was never really as much colour in comparison to the breadth of colour that is being utilised be the creative heads of many a designer brand.

autumn 001

We’ve spoken how tradition and heritage seems to be playing an important role this season and that seems to be the same intention with the injection of a certain kind of colour palette. Traditionally speaking, we seem to instinctively associate autumn with the colours the leaves turn before falling, reds, orange’s and yellows. Then there is the extension of these colours into occasional browns, greys and even the odd navy blue. This is what us eagle eyed fashion obsessive’s here at MFM have been spotting and utilising this season, and we are very excited for the abundance of colour options (as most of you are aware, we at MFM are a little partial to buying new clothes whenever we can).

autumm 002


First up on our agenda is the most obvious, the clothes; without these we surely wouldn’t last through winter or we would only be given the option of an orange jumpsuit due to indecent exposure. Within each category of clothing there is something that falls under the umbrella of autumn colours that are looking great, mustard knits, orange parkas, maroon blazers are just a few of what we have seen. So we will go through a few of the categories we feel or important (and the most fun to play with) in regards to the colour palette we are banging on about.

Coats & Jackets

This goes without saying and we clearly have no intention to patronise but we feel me must show you some coats and jackets, obviously with this idea of utility but what we find more fun is to show you things based on how good they look and how great they will make you feel. The following pieces are coats and jackets that we feel are necessary additions to any wardrobe, also there are some pieces that may or may not have purchased for ourselves.

gucci lined suede jacketblend oversized coatpanel dark red jacket

casual red patch jacketcotton balmain parkacotton shearling parka

cotton boxy fit parkacotton hardy trench coatmortimer bomber jacket

duliex patch jacketsslim fit bonded overcoatjacquard valveteen coat


This has to be the favourite kind of clothing for many of us here at MFM, who wouldn’t love something that keeps you warm and cosy as well as having a number of different stylish options available to choose from. Reds, oranges and yellow tones make knitwear look even more inviting because these colours can be associate with warmth, and when injected into a thick cable knit jumper; you most definitely cannot resist a piece or two like this.

roll neck jumpersblend chunky cardiganpanelled wool sweater

vneck burberry sweateroiler edwin sweatersbecket knit jumper

waffle knit jumpertodd synder sweaterrollneck oliver sweater


As mentioned in previous articles the idea of a sophisticated blazer made from thicker fabrics are the perfect way to lift any look into the more dapper way of dressing. Combine this with the on trend colours then you have a number of pieces available that will look amazing and really create that perfect autumn style.

travis blazersoliver tailored jacketstwo button notch jacket

goodwood burngundy blazertweed gucci blazersplantan check jacket

heritage wool jacketplain camel blazersdowskin wool blazer


It may be hard to believe but trousers, in particular the smart variety are cropping up in different variations of the aforementioned colour palette. Not only that, they also look great in these colours. Smart trousers in particular seem to be the way to go, as they can be worn smart or then can be taken down a notch by wearing them with a great piece of knitwear.

ovadia and sonsskinny brushed trousersstraight legs trousers

hugo boss chinoscotton jcrew chinospreppy cord trousers

corduroy dyed trouserssimon twill cotton chinoscorduory incotex trousers


As you can see the choice is wide and the style is limitless, however in this article we have only covered clothing, you may want to keep an eye out for next week for part two of this article where we take a look at accessories and shoes (literally too excited already). So now that the weather is cooler, yet the colour tones appear warmer it is time to embrace the autumn and get layering with some of these fantastic pieces.