Thomas Stewart

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Brand Watch: All Saints

Stuart Trevor went under the pseudonym ‘The Saint’ based on his initials ‘ST’ but here at MFM we believe that pseudonym comes for another reason. Trevor was the...
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Brand Watch: Topman

There are two words which I would use to describe Topman. They are: universally specific. Topman has its dedications but what it doesn’t have is a narrow mind. ...
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AW13 Trend: Patterns

Fashion changes all the time and when we look at different times in history we can see that change. We look to the 70s, we have flares, to the 50s, suits. Even ...
Thomas Stewart

Thomas Stewart

Freelance writer, doing his MA at Warwick in Writing. Loves woolen cardigans, folk music, Pepsi, horror films, patterned socks, vintage watches, stationery and literature. To spot him look for a man in a patterned jumper with a pen.