Rachael Flynn

As cool and dependable as they are, you can’t always wear black and white clothing. Although many of us throw on a black pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you’ll have probably noticed that more and more people are going to university. Most end up studying at

It’s not every day we share products and recommendations in relation to the ‘urban’ trend. We like to keep things classic here at MFM, but today we wanted to do

The new year always provides the great opportunity to try out some of the latest fashion looks. And so whether you’re hitting the nightclubs or are attending the casinos, here

Building a watch collection is a joy. Each piece tells a story from your life and adds flair to any outfit. Here’s how to keep that collection safe – and

There might still be a nip in the air, but the fashion conscious among us all have one eye on the approach of springtime fashion. It might not feel long

Sometimes it’s the subtle and small details that create the biggest impact and give that quirky and unique edge to your style. Here at MFM we want you to be

The staples of today’s fashion environment were not always seen as such, and indeed, many come from areas that are decidedly unrelated to fashion. While trends of fashion can be

When the spring/summer around the corner, it’s common that we see a huge influx of bright colours. A typical way to implement colour into your look is through a shirt