Ben Sharp

flower boy

Flower Power

A floral-printed pair of jeans is a bold choice. Make sure to balance your look with some bright white trainers and a simple tee. ...
skater boy

Skater Boy

Summer days at a skate-park are your excuse for a vest. If you look this cool, we'll allow it....
modern mod

Modern Mod

There is something still very cool about a plain white tee tucked into a slim-fit trouser, and a biker jacket so authentic you can smell the leather from a mile away. ...
bomber chic

Bomber Chic

This blogger – a favourite at MFM – demonstrates the versatility of the bomber jacket. Paired with formal trousers and smart shoes, it looks much more chic than you might imagine possible....


Traditionally associated with Ancient Rome and now resurfacing annually with an ever greater attention to detail that renders great contemporary design: the gladiator sandal. ...
great british

Great British

This very British look is key in the well-cut suit and classic mac – all finished off with a more casual shoe for contemporary cool and commuter comfort. ...
the pinstripe

The Pinstripe

We are big fans of the pinstriped pair of trousers this gent has cleverly paired with his oversized-style coat and cracking loafers....

Ben Sharp

Writer. I like to follow fashion and write about it from various perspectives, above all understanding its cultural and social importance. I have a perpetual thirst for the new and very high standards as far as all creativity is concerned, but love exploring trends and new talent, keeping all things fashion at the forefront of mine and – if I can help it – everybody else’s attention.