Ben Sharp


It’s In The Details

Sometimes a quieter look can be just right, with all the flair in the details, like this street-style star's eye-catching glasses or the cut of his ankle-bearing chinos. ...
perfect pinstripe

Perfect Pinstripe

This lookbook image is our style inspiration today. MFM has always been an advocate of the pinstripe and never has it looked more perfect than in these examples of mighty fine tailoring. ...
rough and ready

Rough and Ready

A relaxed approach to a look can still be stylish, as this guy demonstrates with his holey jeans and resolutely cool, worn-in leather biker. ...
article placeholder

Starting Smart

Follow this gent's lead and stick to classic staples, such as a strong blazer-and-formal-trouser ensemble, but add a touch of personality by contrasting a Prince of Wales check with a polka dot tie. ...
the blues

The Blues

This lightweight jumper boasting all the hues of blue one could want is perfect for those cooler nights after hot summer days. ...

Ben Sharp

Writer. I like to follow fashion and write about it from various perspectives, above all understanding its cultural and social importance. I have a perpetual thirst for the new and very high standards as far as all creativity is concerned, but love exploring trends and new talent, keeping all things fashion at the forefront of mine and – if I can help it – everybody else’s attention.