Well another year going, another year older and  another party to go to at your Christmas work do. What will you wear this Christmas year? It’s time to dress to impress your boss, co-workers or even your employees. 

Whatever your age, from 20s to beyond the Christmas party is going to be the one time you can show off your dance moves, your suave flirting techniques and your drinking prowess. And mainly it’s going to be the best time that you can show up and not only impress your boss and co-workers how your banter goes in a more relaxed setting, or put forward that pitch for a few new ideas that you have or even discuss your future with the company, Actually maybe not. But the one thing that you shouldn’t do is come in your  same old work clothes, this is no time to look like you would do every day, but to up your dress code and not look too shabby.

So how does a stylish guy decide what to wear to the office party, hopefully, you’ll dress differently to what you would wear to work everyday, as what looks fire in your twenties may not look appropriate or even good on a guy who’s in his 50s and the CEO, as in genera,l the older you get the more classic you’re wardrobe should become without, we might add, look boring. 

If you’re in your 20’s you should do better than turn up in jeans or old chinos. Try trousers that are a little more formal, maybe even with a light check pattern and wear stylish soft polo neck sweaters, a sick piece of jewellery and decent leather or suede Chelsea boots. 

In your 30s, you should be earning a bit more dough, so make it enviable to wear all black with an open shirt, slim cut straight trousers and leather lace up boots.

In your 40s, show it off with a baller shirt, cashmere sweater and a pair of tailored trousers and some great suede brogues.

And lastly coming into the top 50+, whether you’re a boss or a partner, you can wear a relaxed but well cut suit, with no need for a tie with a slim fit shirt, pocket square and expensive shoes, so basically go for a work art look. 

You don’t have to follow our worldly advice, but we are sure that once the compliments start rolling in, you can thank us later.