Are Tesco’s Having A Good Menswear Moment?

We wouldn’t normally associate Tesco’s with being fashionable (sorry Tesco!) but this time around we may be seeing a slightly more stylish take on their menswear range. Their recently revamped F&F line has impressed us, in particular because you don’t associate great style with supermarket lines. But F&F have it all: Quilted bomber jackets, slim cargo trousers, fur-lined parkas: these are certain trends that Tesco#s have covered this autumn.

tescoYou won’t find great pieces like this that are as friendly to your wallet as the new and improved F&F line. the most expensive piece it would seem is the outerwear range coming in at only £70. There is plenty more on offer than just the images we have shown you, take a look at the rest of the items where prices range from £4to £70, available at larger Tesco stores and here at