Glamorous. Maximal. Super-charged Outerwear. 
Since its arrival in 2017, Arctic Army has re-defined outerwear. Founders and creative directors Ed Jefferson and Paul Waite create a brand that encapsulates a unique aesthetic for the outerwear market. From Swarovski embellished creations through to their signature bomber, Arctic Army is luxe, bold and instantly recognisable.  With a background in bespoke costume design, their daring creations saw waiting lists and huge demand. As desire increased, the two developed a cult following, and it wasn’t long before limited runs of ready-to-wear pieces began appearing to satiate demand for their garments, released to instant sell-outs. 

Within the 3 years that followed, frustrated at the lack of a down jacket that embodied their design aesthetic, the pair set out to create their own, applying their technical expertise to the human body and movement, marrying it with the Arctic Army DNA: luxe, exaggerated, embodying excesses of the dance floor with the functionality for the street.

Inspired by the glamorous muses of 90’s Rap and R&B culture – Arctic Army was born, incorporating statement fur trims with prominent logos and strong colours. The combination of refined tailoring and over-the-top silhouettes creates bold yet wearable pieces. 

The “Arctic Army” name draws inspiration from modern tribes and community, giving a sense of belonging and togetherness. The signature and highly influential flight jacket and soldier beetle logo are reminiscent of a uniform badge. The “Army” have the tenacity to be style leaders and stand out from the crowd. 

Iconic pieces as well as the bomber include the new puffer jacket, with oversized trims as well as non-fur counterparts. Prints are a key element for the outerwear brand, this season particularly the Arctic Doe print, with the brand offering a new innovative print every season.

From the success of their debut bomber jacket, the brand has gone on to develop collections for both men and women, as well as a bespoke capsule Out-Couture collection that offers exclusive one-off showpieces that display attention to detail, with meticulous hand-applied appliqués and finishes. In-house ateliers work with up to 90,000 Swarovski crystals to devise incredible garments for editorial, celebrity events and performances and music videos.