Aquascutum AW14 Collection

Aquascutum’s love affair with Britain began in 1851 and is arguably one of the strongest relationships out there. It most definitely beats Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and…what were they called? That Romeo guy and that Juliet woman. This affair has lasted over 100 years and has stayed true with what drew them together: a love of Britishness. It stands to reason, therefore, that their AW14 collection would have that trademark as its core. With this collection we have something new: a balance that can only be described as sartorial, bringing together iconic pieces of clothing and the voice of the brand.

aquascutum aw14

With the AW14 collection we have a focus on colour which feeds into the many avenues they are exploring. Aquascutum is, in its own way, aiding us in the season of autumn. We will be armed with trench coats, double-faced cashmere overcoats, raincoats, knitwear and ties. We will, most definitely, be walking past fallen leaves and cold afternoons, in style.

First, we have the many classic colours of autumn: shades of navy, burnt oranges, edges of mustard yellow, all centred around traditional designs. This tradition is shown in the rainwear they have on offer. They key points in this area of the collection are the waterproof flannel, a ‘Storm-style’ Howell trench coat which has a leather-lined undercollar.


Next, we have coats, a key feature in the autumn season. With Aquascutumn’s eye there’s a sheer interest in textile composition – using the fabrics of cashmere double-faced cloths and suede reindeer skin. This elements are illuminated in the knitwear section where we have oversized pique blazers and jacquard knits, all of which are 100% cashmere.

aquascutum aw14 menswear

With ties and eveningwear edging into the land of velvet and silk, we have to stop and ask ourselves: who is the man that is placing this love affair at the forefront of our minds and pushing it forward? That man would be designer Thomas Harvey who is offering menswear the epitome of quality craftsmanship. He, himself, has said: “we’re not chasing fast fashion with this collection, because we want people to understand and appreciate who we are as a brand.”

And who are they as a brand? Well, not only are they committed romantics, they are passionate lovers of all things British and all things fashion. Incorporating the two gives off a classic, dapper gentlemen touch but with an edge that brings tomorrow and today together. For more information go and check out their new collection for yourselves.