Apoint: Yes, you can wear them even if you’re not on a boat.

When it comes to summer, finding the right shoes that are as versatile as your summer wardrobe can be a little tricky. You want a pair of shoes that you can wear with your shorts, chinos, jeans and linen trousers. Boat shoes work in different environments and climates, so you can wear them when you need a little comfort but don’t want to be “too casual”. Not sure what colour to go for this season? Stay with the nautical theme of blue and white, like ‘Apoint’ Menorca boat shoes that are coast inspired and are made of comfortable leather to make you unstoppable. You see a lot of guys wearing boat shoes with pants that are rolled up far too much, so that they look like they just came off the shore. A little roll goes a long way – especially when you’re nowhere near the dock. Try wearing cotton, lightweight trousers, and jeans that skim the top of your shoes to begin with.

Menorca Boat Shoes

Apoint: Bring out the classics.

White sneakers are the epitome of summer: bright, easy going and sporty. That’s why our ‘Apoint’ Tokyo sneakers look super sharp with everything, from casual wear to suits (yes, suits). If your get the look right a pair of white sneakers elevates an outfit to look a little sharper than it would be with any other casual shoes. And in our book, that’s a good thing.

A great pair of sneakers are much needed in your functioning wardrobe, o try teaming with summer shorts with a floral shirt or skinny jeans and lightweight sweater. If you find that your struggling to get your look right, that’s exactly what makes white sneakers so great: they go with literally everything in your wardrobe. Retro is big right now and these classic Tokyo sneakers are perfect to compliment your throwback look. Want to wear them with a suit? No problem as these are lightweight and office friendly. Wearing sneakers with suit is no longer the style swerve that it once was, so wear a suit that’s a little fun, like large checks that will make your white shakers more office-attire friendly.

Tokyo Sneaker