APC x Lacoste – Two French Titans Come Together

What happens when you put Louise Trotter of Lacoste and APC’s Jean Touitou in a room together,? You get the collaboration that no one expected but everybody wants a piece of.

Two giants of the French fashion game have put their heads together to create a collection that blends perfectly the essential sportswear of Lacoste with the military references we know and   love APC for. Unlike a lot of other big collaborations, this drop is huge, not only in stature but in   the size of the collection, in total they have released 46 pieces for both men and women, covering the basics we all know each brand for but also the pieces that won’t be worn everyday but are still very important additions to our wardrobe.

The pieces range from a rework of the classic Lacoste polo to the denim that we love APC for all the way to fleece pieces including joggers and sweatshirts, all of which integrate different versions of the logo created for the occasion. They didn’t stop at clothing either, the collection also    includes accessories, sneakers, socks and tote bags help round off an incredibly pleasing range.

Unisex White T-Shirt A.P.C Lacoste – £95

Leo Jeans A.P.C Lacoste – £190

Men’s Patchwork Polo Shirt £150

Stonewashed Denim Shopping Bag A.P.C Lacoste – £130

Unisex Navy Blue Parka A.P.C Lacoste – £350

Men’s White Sneakers A.P.C Lacoste – £285