Antony Morato SS14 Gold, Silver & Black Collections

Inspiration and tributes is what makes Antony Morato’s latest collection even more exciting. The upcoming SS14 season brings with it three new lines of gold, silver and black. With each of the colours there is a level of intrigue: the desire to incorporate meaning and to explore new boundaries with it comes to each.


The gold collection focuses on denim with a vintage touch. The way that Morato has gone about doing this is by featuring St. Tropez and Metropolis themes. The two are distinctive in their own way and whistle into the meaning of the entire collection. The Metropolis presents everyday clothes but focuses on colour which is reflective of the SS14 seasonal trends. These being power blue and soft grey tones, with footwear that is more burnished leather grey brogues and casual suede high tops.

The St. Tropoez, on the other hand, takes inspiration from the 60s and is all about creating a chic look. With a natural, fresh touch, the cotton features rope fabric and nautical stripes. The gold collection is all about turning heads, about being recognised and putting a new, stylistic stamp on something we’ve seen before but what has now been brought to us in a new format.

The silver collection, inspired by the Sports Luxe trend, is similar to the gold in the sense that it plays tribute to prior times. As you know, here at MFM, we believe that fashion is always borrowing and adapting from the previous years. The silver line is doing just this. With classic seventies sneakers, colours such as navy, red and blue with silver trimmings, it is about exaggeration but appreciation. Appreciation for the previous fashion year’s offerings and exaggeration for silhouettes enhanced by embossed logos.

The black collection is, like the gold, split into two. The first is a tribute to Quentin Tarantino’s films such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Black suits and slim fitted shirts are prudent to today’s fashion world. Merging this with leather biker jackets makes the black collection that bit more appreciative and moves our understanding of fashion.

The second piece of the black collection is a military look but one that is all about sophistication. With features such as cotton fabrics, gabardine and satin, metal buttons and braids the idea is to merge a causal look into how we perceive military fashion to be. This is illustrated with trimmed low and high top trainers and hooded, military jackets.

The mash-up that is Antony Morato’s latest collection is something different. Fashion is all about taking a swift look behind and blasting forward. As you know, here at MFM, we love all things exploratory and dominant when it comes to the fashion world. The SS14 collection is, in its own right, doing this. But now, we ask, what do you think?