Anti-Trends: What Not to Wear in 2021

Knowing what not to wear is just as important as knowing what to wear. This list of anti-trends will help you avoid making and fashion mistakes in 2021.

Men’s fashion is important. Let’s leave at that. It’s easy to see how the media is bombarded with tips on women’s fashion and what to wear. However, men are stepping up their game as well. These days fashion is all about comfort and minimalism. These last years have taught us to value ourselves more than we love a chic but uncomfortable look. Well, we can appreciate the pass these new trends are taking. We have been waiting for them for so long. Now it’s time to appreciate the fashion of comfort and coziness. Let’s see the trends we need to leave behind to make space for the 2021 style.

Whether you are a fan or not, it was nearly impossible to escape the tie-dye in our wardrobes. All famous brands got obsessed with the 1970s style. The looks, hair, glasses, and everything that comes with it were all inspired by our parents’ crazy looks in their youth. Of course, tie-dye clothes were no exception. Everything from t-shirts to jeans could be made in mad washed-out colors, and for a while, we enjoyed it. I can’t deny that. However, as always, everything good has to come to an end. Surely, we can’t get rid of all tie-dye clothes, but it’s time to stop searching for them. The tie-dye trend is the thing of the past now. Right where it belongs.

Small sunglasses
The odd love for small glasses is becoming a thing of the past. We have enjoyed them for a while, but who said that it was our true love? Of course, you still may have a little time to enjoy this particular fashion if you love it so much. However, you better hurry. There’s nothing wrong with paying someone to write a paper for you while you take time to walk your favorite sunglasses for the last time. Small wired sunglasses will not be trending this spring or summer.

Bare-Chested Suits
The fashion for wearing bare-chested suits is an odd child in the family. No matter how hard we fight them, they keep coming back. However, this year we hope we will end this trend for good. Yes, the conversation about bare-chested suits started a few years ago. However, some fashion houses just couldn’t leave it alone. Of course, some pieces may look good on runway models. However, in real life, you’ll need a good paper helper to find you a single reason to dress up like this in real life. Of course, we say that 2021 is all about minimalism, but you can manage to wear a shirt with a suit when you need one. So yes, let’s leave bare-chested suits in 2020, where they fit perfectly.

Do you remember the moment neon came into fashion? Probably not. It seems like neon just blew up in one night. Everyone wanted neon clothes, accessories, bags, or shoes. It was a global obsession. No one knew where it came from or where it would stop. Neon trends were also quite odd to spot since humanity was moving back towards natural soft colors, high-quality fabrics, and environmentally friendly materials for many years. Neon is none of that. Nevertheless, all major fashion brands, from Versace to Louis Vuitton, jumped on it right away. Well, this year shows that we are coming back to our senses and ready to leave the neon trend alone. There is a place for bright colors in our lives, but they can be the less aggressive and in-your-face vibe that neon clothes have.

Distressed sneakers
No, no, and one more time, no. There is no single reason why you should buy a pair of pre-made distressed sneakers. Not when you can easily turn them into such after a short period of time of wearing. Distressed sneakers were an attempt to show the world that you are not the guy who cares about fashion when, in fact, you do. Such sneakers give people the impression of the “write my essay for me cheap and fast” kind of guy with no edge to your character. We all know this guy. He runs around the campus with his messy hair and expensive clothes, caring about his shoes more than his finals’ grades. Don’t be that guy! Buy footwear to wear it and not worry about it.

The bottom line
These are just a few examples of hard no men fashion trends you should know about. Remember, it is not hard to look put together. What’s hard is to show dedication to the process and to keep up with the fashion trends. However, this year you just need to go with the flow and choose natural fabrics and soft colors. Go minimalistic and simple.