Anatomic & Co Releases Exclusive Limited Edition Loafer

Specialist Brazilian shoe brand, Anatomic has released an online exclusive limited edition loafer, the Pavao. The company has been established for over forty years and upholds strong commitment to using high quality material.

anatomic 1

The Brazilian shoe brand is unique for their Anatomic Gel Technology which allows the foot to move without being so confined in the shoe. They concentrate on the sole of the shoe which uses rubber and gel to make the shoe more comfortable and ergonomic. They state the purpose of this invention is so the sole ‘cushions your foot and flexes with it.’

anatomic 2

The Pavao is part of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection and ranges from two colours: Navy Suede and Ice White. The style, Penny loafer, embraces the summer with cool toned colours and soft suede material. The Pavao uses a new EVA sole technology, where the sole is forty percent lighter than the original shoes. Additionally, the Pavao has detailed stitching around the shoe, adding extra detail to the classic Penny loafers.

anatomic 3

This new addition to the range makes it perfect for a heated summer, as the loafers are weightless and versatile in colour. The Pavao can be ordered exclusively online via their website, which retails at £109.95.