Alpinestars SS14 Collection

The idea of heritage inspiration is everywhere in the world of fashion, and for their 51st year, Alpinestars are looking to the past as inspiration for their motocross inspired collection. SS14 has everyone excited for brighter skies and bolder clothes, so the new collection from this great brand will have you heading to the race track. They have taken their inspiration from the motocross racers of the 1960’s with a nod to the classic racing jersey. The collection includes long sleeve tees that echo this sporty styles, and fit in perfectly with the sport luxe trend making its way into SS14.

Untitled-1Many of the pieces in the collection proudly carry the Alpinestars logo with the iconic chequered flag associated with racing, patterned down the sleeves. There are monochrome shades and colours of red and blue which really give you that motorcross feeling, and we feel they will be a welcome addition to any sporting gents wardrobes when the sun finally offers up some heat.

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