Allsaints – The Biker Project

Allsaints celebrate the famous leathers through a biker project taking centre stage in London’s – Convent Garden.

The Earlham street store is now being used as a ‘experimental hub’ in order to showcase this biker –inspired and leather-based project. The Biker Project Series 1 sees this concept store stage a 50-piece exhibit of the brands work.


This celebration reminds the audience of the original Allsaints, and its true roots The brand produce exceptional leather garments and ones that are unique and like no other. Allsaints are key for producing recognizable and complex designs.

“The Earlham street store will continue to house and present collections, exhibitions and performances, that converge fashion and art, while inspiring AllSaints’ ever-growing community”. – Allsaints


The brand recently saw changes in structure of the company, which is what is likely to be why we are seeing these new exciting projects from the brand.

Current CEO of the Company is the ex senior vice-president of retail and digital commerce at Burberry, whom of which stated this to the telegraph about turning the brand around. “Why play a game of football, if you are not going to win,” says Kim, undeterred by the scale of the challenge. “Without a doubt, AllSaints will be global and it will be a $1bn business. It has all the constituent parts, it just needs focus. We have 2,400 passionate team members. Now, we have to channel that passion and not dwell on the past. And no, we are not going bust. Quite the opposite actually.”


5 Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9LL

(0)207 3793749