As the cold is sitting right outside, now’s the time to gear up and invest in essential winter wardrobe pieces. It’s not just about the typical scarves and hats this time; it’s about making a statement with standout coats and handcrafted chunky knits. Winter style is all about the finer touches that complete a look, and we’re always banging on about how to embrace luxurious fabrics, unique leathers, and impeccable tailoring with an effortless off-duty vibe; think cosy turtlenecks, textured shirts, and a touch of sophistication with classic shades. Whether you’re seeking robust leather footwear with a rugged sole, substantial coats in shearling or tweed, or versatile layering options to enhance any outfit, sometimes the forgotten ones are the humble blazer and a chunky winter knit.

Dudes and your friendly neighbourhood menswear influencer carry forward the blazer and jeans legacy. What has stayed the same is that the combo draws its power from the interdependence of the two halves; you actually need two top grades to pass the course, is what we’re saying. And trust us, there are plenty of ways to pass the test with flying colours. 

So what are the head-to-toe permutations that nail the blazer-jeans-trousers-sweater-set? Depending on the pairing, you can channel a vibed-out university professor, become a club-going party god, or be the best-dressed dude rocking down the street. The greatest thing about winter is the sweater menswear item ever made; it’s a question of style but also fit: Big and roomy and a cosy, chunky sweater: a high-design take on a cold-weather special, the bigger, strangely, the more stylish. Think of a plain jumper, like white, light tan, cream, ecru, even pink but chunky, maybe cable knit fisherman knit sort; try one with a drop-shoulder style, where the seam hits on the upper arm, rather than at the shoulder, making it just slouchy enough to give it that safe, warm feel that’s a hallmark of all genuinely excellent winter wear. The only downside? You’ll probably love it so much you’ll have to buy two or three in different variations. 

Everything about an oversized jumper screams easy coo; it takes the pressure off of putting together a thought-out outfit on a day when you really couldn’t be bothered without looking sloppy. Throw in some regulation denim, a blazer, and a big overcoat that works quickly into this form of clothing and comes with an inherent breezy vibe, and you’re set. We’d never suggest renouncing the slim-cut instead of these open-air numbers for good, but a few in the mix make for variety.

So think about wearing these sweaters with a blazer or jacket; contrary to popular belief, a tailored oversized blazer is not an oxymoron; it just adds an element of sleekness to an effortless silhouette; it also helps broaden your shoulders, giving them a more commanding presence. The blazer, jeans, and chunky sweater are an endlessly wearable marriage of tailoring and workwear; a high-low hero, though in execution, it can quickly go wrong.