You’re probably thinking, why are you talking about grey in winter? We know what you’re thinking, grey is always one of those colours that feature prominently for the cold weather collections. But here’s food for thought, you can actually cover yourself in the least saturated colour, that can also count as bold.In fact monochrome dressing may look simple, but it’s actually an undercover advance move. 

When you wear one colour all in one go, it’s the proper way in winter to make you stand out from all the other guys who are donning combinations of navy, black and brown and even white, and actually, there is something quite comforting about wearing grey.Tonal greys solve the problem of boring AF business casual and the trick is to vary each piece’s texture within the range of greys. Because monochromatic outfits, if created in the right way,in addition to creating a great bit of raw canvas in which you can indulge at will with accessories, jackets or coats.

If you’re back in the office, you can start with a simple and well cut grey suit. And if you want to wear a three piece suit then one way to go monochrome is the one golden rule: if you want to make a real statement with all grey wearing a suit, make sure your shirt and tie is exactly the same shade for maximum impact. 

If you prefer different shades then add a pale grey oxford shirt to get the right fit. Try it with a few different sweaters in other tones of grey, paler grey looks great under a dark grey suit. And a polo neck or crew neck sweater in merino wool or cashmere will look perfect for a smart and unstuffy work look. Perfect sweaters that are thin enough so that your look won’t be bulky and won’t itch, and if you want that extra bit of warmth, chuck on a thin grey cotton tee underneath.

Grey jeans will go with everything, rather wearing just a pair of trousers or blazer worn with dark denim jeans, mix your grey jeans with other shades of grey, even clashing patterns of the same shade, maybe printed shirts, or a pattern on your sweater.

So we won’t tire of the good look that’s monochrome, and wearing one colour literally head-to-toe is an outfit that has long turned for a statement-making yet polished street style look. And yes, a tone-down ensemble will always be refined, smart and appropriate for all occasions, from a day at the office and to a night out on the town. The most important aspect to consider is to go creative matching up darker shades to a lighter shade to get the best effect. The key word here is texture and we’re homing in on all-grey outfits that are anything but boring, and the best way to do that, is take a look for yourself.