Äkta Norr Navy Overshirt Smock

Reminiscent of a painter’s smock, in a good way, of course, this Äkta Norr overshirt smock is perfect for when you want an overshirt that will be the centerpiece of your wardrobe this season. It’s the exact midpoint between an overshirt and a jacket and makes it ideal for colder spring, summer and autumn days.

In a plain dark blue and made in midweight cotton-twill fabric, raglan sleeves, signature large button up pocket and a detailed stitched hunting pocket on the back, this overshirt is in a square bodice shape which is perfect for layering. 

It can go either way as smart or casual. For casual layers wear it over your hoody or on top of your sweatshirt. For smarter wear, if you feel that your blazer wearing days are numbered, you can wear it over a shirt and jumper for your rare trip to the office. It has a large hood with a zip and button closure and there’s an adjustable draw-cord to pull in the hemline for a snug fit. This overshirt could work really well for those outdoor juants, throw it over some jeans and a chunkier roll neck and finish with some brogues come autumn.

Available in other colours and hand sewn in Manchester.

This overshirt will break in better than your best pair of jeans and keep this mid-weight option on hand for those “ How cold is it this cold in June?” mornings.

Buy online here: Äkta Norr Midnight Blue Overshirt Smock 

Äkta Norr Black Oversized T-Shirt

This is the way to wear an oversized t-shirt, because the slimmest fit isn’t alwys right for everyone. But this Äkta Norr Oversized T-Shirt  with an embroidered multicoloured logo on the front, will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. In 100% cotton where wind and solar enegy has been harnassed to power the factory in-which the t-shirts where manufactured. This in turn has created a product with a carbon neutral footprint. Wear this t-shirt with skinny or slim jeans or pants, just to drive home the point that your oversized t-shirt is a style choice, not an accident. 

An oversized tee has a bit of athleticism built right in. So lean into the sportscore look with a pair of your crispest, coolest kicks.

Buy online here: Äkta Norr Oversized T-Shirt