AIR VAPE: Your hunt is over. We’ve found you the perfect version of the vape

It’s all about portable, pocketable vapes. They have been around for a while now, and let’s be honest, not all vapes are the same, you can go cheap, mediocre or expensive, you can go dull, ordinary or one that’s just that little bit special, app-controlled and finely calibrated, intuitive or just darn right sexy. 

Since 2007, e-cigarettes have swept the UK, and with millions of adults using them and the Public Health England stating that they are 95 percent less harmful than regular tobacco cigarettes it’s Clear to see why they are more popular than ever. However, if you need to get off smoking tobacco then certainly vaping is the way forward.

Air Vape have brought out an amazing new release, the Legacy PRO, with the help of a new design team and engineer and 2 years of perfection each detail, and everything that they endorse has been researched and tested and the result is a technologically impressive vape around. 

The curved edges make the PROs a super sexy shape, rolled in with black matte finish, full textile leather and finished with gold accents. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, prefer herb or wax the Legacy PRO can be used for loose-leaf and oil concentrates and comes with updated heating tech that’s super fast, and hybrid heating for best flavour and performance.

Heat up time is 15 seconds to optimal vaping temp, in a gold plated heating chamber + gold plated microdosing disk, with a two-button precise temperature control that ensures you get that grade-A hit of O.G kush every time. Ceramic mouthpiece and removable glass airpath. So whether your preference is ceramic, glass, hemp textile, vegan leather or even 24k gold, the Legacy pro literally will give you everything. It’s also easy to clean! 

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