The holiday season often heralds a period of comfort and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean your style has to take a nosedive into full-blown slob mode. Mastering dressing down while maintaining a decent look is an attainable feat, especially after the Christmas festivities; here’s how to pull off that slob look but a relaxed and stylish appearance.

Firstly, comfort is essential, so opt for cosy fabrics and loose fits; embrace the softness of a well-worn sweater or hoodie paired with comfortable, albeit well-fitted, joggers or relaxed-fit jeans; the aim is to create a look that’s both comfortable and casual stylish even though you haven’t even tried. Accessorising is not your secret weapon; no slob look is adorned with jewellery. It would help to elevate your laid-back ensemble with a few carefully selected accessories like your best old scarf that still looks cool; even a patterned scarf can effortlessly enhance your overall look. 

Layering is your friend, and while it might seem counterintuitive, layering can add depth and style to an otherwise casual look, like throwing on an unbuttoned flannel shirt over your tee or layer your fave old cardigan on top of your shirt. This adds visual interest and keeps you warm when you’re lying on the couch during the cooler days, so experiment with textures and colours, and don’t be afraid to play within your outfit; a little bit of oddity is cool, mix and match materials like cotton, wool, and denim for an interesting look and definitely experiment with earthy tones or inject a pop of colour with a statement piece, like a vibrant sweater or a bold scarf.

In essence, dressing like a relaxed slob in the days after Christmas doesn’t mean sacrificing style, and, with a few thoughtful touches and attention to detail, you can effortlessly pull off that comfortable yet stylish look, allowing you to relax, Being a fashionable slob isn’t about sacrificing style; it’s about mastering the art of casual chic, embrace oversized sweaters, relaxed jeans, and cosy hoodies, opt for comfortable fabrics and neutral tones, focus on your ultimate style companions, remember, looking effortlessly slobbish is all about comfort and owning your relaxed look!

Don’t overlook the power of footwear; even if you’re opting for loungewear or casual attire, your choice of footwear can significantly impact your overall look, so swap out those stylish loafers or even Chelsea boots for your worn-out sneakers and slippers and the right shoes instantly make you feel more comfortable in your outfit while maintaining comfort.

Maintain your grooming habits, shower maybe, clean teeth, yes, shave, no and wash your hair, absolutely not, especially when it’s raining outside. So, while you are at home, it’s easy to let grooming fall by the wayside; however, paying attention to grooming details like a clean shave, a well-maintained hairstyle, or a dab of cologne can make all the difference that’s only necessary when you have to.

And though in some industries, influence and personal solvency are still demonstrated by suits worn and accessories carried – finance, for instance – the reality is that, in many arenas, dressing to impress has taken a swing toward the slovenly. So, is it okay to start turning up to work via Zoom or otherwise? You’ve just come off the back of a weekend bender. It’s not. There’s nothing wrong with dressing down; stylish men can wear a T-shirt, sneakers, and a dinner jacket, but the dressing down you’re talking about has no redeeming features. Firstly, it’s purposeful – a grown man has to work hard to look that bad – and secondly, it shows a level of ‘don’t care’ for those around you, but just sometimes, you have to let it all go and be a slob.