Stylish and sporty, a chunky sweater and statement running shoes from Manchester, lads

At what age do you suddenly think, ‘I need to upgrade my style’ or maybe you haven’t. In your 20s or 30s, maybe older is probably that time that you should look and see what really works for you and what doesn’t. You maybe haven’t stopped experimenting with your stylem, and inevitably some styles won’t work.By the time you get into your thirties, you will either be set on certain go-to labels that will fit your personal aesthetic  and your body. The clothes you like and will  in turn will set the way you dress.

If  you’re a lover of the smart casual style, it’s a blend of opposites and can end up in a grey area. Using a blaze or jacket to dress up casual clothes in an important move to master. You want to look casual enough without looking scruffy and smart enough without looking like you’re totally unapproachable.

Let’s start with a good jumper, thin jumpers are great for a day in the office or evening date at your local Pizzeria, but now the temperature is dropping, you’ll need a sweater that will make you look extra slick with a pair of slim tailored trousers and chunky-sole dress shoes or a pair of very cool sneakers, if you match a check shirt underneath your jumper for some coordination. 

You can embrace your inner mountain man and team your jumper with slim-cut cargo pants and lace up boots, beard is optional. If you want to show the world that you’re really as cool as you look, then wear indigo jeans or trousers in a similar tone as your jumper. Jeans, skinny but not too skinny you’re not 15 and if your quads are showing they’re too tight, chuck on a workwear jacket and cool sneakers, and once you master this style, feel free to branch out. The navy Kelmarsh Hawk jumper, Inspired from the goalkeeper jerseys from the 20th century. Made from 100% merino wool gives this good looker with raglan sleeves a softer feel, and being naturally lightweight it will insulate and remove moisture from the skin giving you a great feel and comfort. Perfectly sporty and stylish. 

Have you been wearing the same shoes for years, you like them because they’re comfortable, we know, so if we’re talking about what’s important, then definitely trainers. Think about rotating your shoe wardrobe, as if you have one pair you’ll just live in them, and if you get new shoes, look after them. We say trend-led trainers are a great addition to your wardrobe, but make sure your set some funds aside for classics, like these harrier green Admiral X Victory running shoe, USA made running shoes that are hand lasted with a replaceable EVA midsole and Soletech outsole, making them a great purchase with an eye on repair opposed to replace. Constructed using maximum mesh to ensure breathability.

All in all here are two great items for your winter wardrobe, jeans will work with both, a good sweater that will last you years and never go out of style and match up with a blazer, they’re worth collecting. They can be dressed up or down and are great for any casual day or weekend.