Aaron De La Cruz For 55DSL & Birkenstock

When we hear the words ‘limited edition’ and ‘collaboration’ in relation to menswear, we simply cannot help but to pay attention. It would seem that collaborations between brands, celebrities, artists etc are the ‘in’ thing right now so it comes as no surprise when these kind of collaborations pop up.

Sandals_1_355DSL have become part of a collaborative project along with Birkenstock, Arkitip and artist Aaron De La Cruz to create a limited edition pair of sandals. These sandals feature an all black base designed for comfort, support as well as style with the specially molded footbed along with Aaron De La Cruz’s artistic style and expression appearing on the ankle and midfoot straps in the form of expressive paints spatters; making each pair unique.

The finishing touches consist of metal buckles embossed with the BIRKENSTOCK logo and the collaborating brands stamped into the footbed. If that wasn’t enough, a sweatshirt and tee have also been created to link in with the design and style of the sandals.

resize_1_1To watch the promotional video and shop the collection you can head over to the Hypebeast website HERE.

Or for more information you can head over to Arkitip, 55DSL or Aaron De La Cruz.