In the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, the trench coat remains an enduring classic, and it’s not hard to understand why. Trench coats have an allure that transcends generations and remains a favourite among stylish men. Now having some streetwear Influence, the merging of streetwear elements with traditional styles has made trench coats cool and contemporary, making the trench coat more than just a coat; it’s a symbol of its versatility, functionality, and timeless appeal, making it a wise choice for the guys who want a coat not only for its relaxed style but practicality.

But to master this iconic style, you’ll need more than just the right coat; you’ll need a solid game plan. The key factors to nail down are length, colour, and styling, and we’ve got you covered on all fronts. First, the length: the ideal trench coat should end around the knee area; it’s a versatile length that suits various occasions and keeps you looking sharp, and for those who crave a rockstar edge, black or navy trench coats are your best friends, they give that “just-thrown-on” look exudes a carefree coolness that’s hard to beat.

Versatility is the name of the game with trench coats; they can be dressed up with a suit for a formal event or paired with jeans for a more casual, everyday look, and this adaptability makes them a versatile choice for the modern guy. Designed to withstand the elements with their water-resistant fabric and often removable inner linings, they offer superior protection from rain and wind while keeping you warm and dry. And even though they are lighter and less bulky than many winter coats, this makes them comfortable for extended wear without sacrificing warmth. Trust us, we know.

So, what type of trench are you looking for? They come in various styles, including the classic double-breasted, single-breasted, long and shorter car coats. Some guys like the sweeping ankle grazers, and some like the coat short and modern, but with the iconic revival, many fashion designers have reimagined the classic trench coat, adding modern twists and features that appeal to a new generation of fashion-conscious men.

One thing, though, is to button it up or not. If you want to keep the police at bay, button your shirt up, but if you’re feeling a bit rebellious, leave it open and let that trench coat flow. Remember, always have something on underneath; we’re going for stylish, not scandalous. And when it comes to that belt, don’t turn into Inspector Gadget – use it as it’s meant to be worn. 

Channel the 1960s Mod Vibes: Pair your trench coat with a simple black turtleneck for a timeless, effortlessly cool look. For a classic and foolproof look, go for two wardrobe essentials: a crewneck tee and a pair of straight-cut blue jeans. The trench coat works its magic best when worn open, showcasing these foundational pieces that create a simple yet striking style. Chuck on some Chelsea boots or with a pair of Converse sneakers, and you’ve got a winning combination that effortlessly blends classic and contemporary elements.

Want to smarten up? Complement the classic trench coat with workwear clothes, a pristine white shirt, a sleek tie, perfectly tailored slim-cut trousers, elegant leather brogues, and maybe even a suave fedora or your essential beanie hat. While including the latter is a matter of personal preference, the style transcends eras. It remains an enduring style choice, and to achieve that cinematic elegance, remember to fasten the trench coat’s buttons and cinch it with the belt.