A Smokeless Satisfaction With Nicoccino

Smoking is an irritating habit, and it’s a habit that many guys find hard to beat. With the introduction of events such as Stoptober, and with more and more products being released to help beat the addiction, the success rate of people stopping is on the rise.

Nicoccino is a new product that has been developed in Sweden, which is another great solution to help stop smoking. It offers the pure nicotine experience, without the disadvantages. Nicoccino contains no tobacco, it has no scent and it contains zero tars. It’s the perfect alternative to the ever so popular e-cigarettes right now, and it will help break that habit.

Lets face it gents, smoking isn’t ‘cool’ anymore. The smell of smoke is dirty and unattractive, it’s not good for your health and hygiene and most importantly with more and more restrictions being made on where you can smoke… it’s irritating

smokeless satisfaction

Nicoccino will give you an immediate nicotine hit discreetly, and it works by placing the small film under your lip and onto your gum where it will dissolve within minutes.

The product follows the highest pharmaceutical conditions in the US and Europe, and this solution is entirely natural and free from tobacco and chemicals.

smokeless satisfaction

Available in the UK, they’re also running a promotion for free UK delivery through the whole of October. For more information, and the full range of products, check out the Nicoccino website here.