A pair of glasses can say a lot about you

A pair of glasses can say a lot about you-” I’m professional”, “I’m stylish”, “I’m geeky”, “I’m vintage” …. or even “I’m funky”. Achieving any of these looks, and many more, is as easy as changing the style of your glasses. If you’re looking for a great way to bring your entire look up to date – and don’t want to spend the time and money buying a whole new wardrobe, JCPenney Optical is the solution you have been looking for. We have everything from high-end designer frames to simple affordable reading glasses. If you’re looking for what’s new, popular, and cool in men’s eye glasses, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to following all of the current trends, we know that the best pair of men’s specs will not only look good but also fit great with both your budget and your lifestyle. 

Sure, glasses are an accessory, but for those who wear them, it’s a big part of their wardrobe. Choosing the right men’s glasses is a lot like trying on new suits and picking out the perfect glasses can be fun too. But sometimes, finding the right pair to match not only your face, but your vibe, can become overwhelming as choosing the right frame for your face shape can be very difficult. So let us help you choose the perfect pair of glasses!

For those who wear glasses already, it’s no stretch to say the way to buy glasses has changed over the years. There are now direct-to-consumer brands everywhere; companies offering swap out old lenses for you; and stores for every style that sell glasses at lower prices than ever. It’s sort of a Wild, Wild West. That’s why it can be so hard to pick the perfect frame for you. 

At JCPenney Optical we have thousands of frames to choose from that fit all different sized faces and budgets. Doesn’t matter if you have a chiseled chin, or a second one, our sales associates will help you find the exact perfect pair, or pairs, of glasses for you. 

Which frame fits your face shape best you ask? We know that heart shapes look to minimize the top of the face so that they widen the chin; oblong shapes look to add width and diamonds (the absolute rarest of face shapes) can complement angular features with similar shaped frames. Our associates will help you determine what style fits your face the best so that you can just walk out with the perfect pair of glasses.  

Looking great is only one part of buying new glasses. Eyeglass Lens technology continues to grow, and the number of options JCPenney offers to you grows with it as well. For example, we offer lens options for your prescription that decrease computer glare, increase night vision and help block out all the harmful UV and UVB rays.

Don’t put it off any longer, go schedule an eye exam today. Even if you think your prescription hasn’t changed in years, a comprehensive eye exam can help with early detection of other important health issues. At JCPenney Optical, we know maintaining healthy eyes is the only way to ensure your sight will remain perfect for a lifetime.  

​​During one of our eye exams, tests will be performed to check for color blindness, eye alignment, eye movement, and of course, depth perception. A certified Optometrist will also perform a very wide range of tests to determine the health of your eyes and potential visual needs. Pupil dilation, glaucoma testing, and visual field tests may be performed if you choose. Scheduling an eye exam today will give you the peace of mind you need for the future. If your eyes could speak, they’d say “thank you” for taking such good care of them. 

At JCPenney Optical, we do everything we can to make our exams and frames affordable. We accept thousands of vision insurance plans that usually typically cover an annual eye exam*. We also accept health spending accounts or your JCPenney credit card as a method of payment, giving you as many options to cover the cost of your eye exam as possible. JCPenney Optical offers styles for every budget from expensive high fashion to single vision glasses that cost just $69 for two pairs or take a 50% off a complete pair of glasses. And we offer all the most popular designs as well. 

Everything from tortoise shell and clear frames to retro round and feather light glasses. 

So, just walk into any JCPenney Optical location, there are hundreds located everywhere, or make an appointment online and you will enter into a world filled with a wide variety of fashion options. With the help of one of the sales associates, you will be sure to find the perfect pair – or pairs – of glasses to help you achieve the look you have always wanted.