A noteworthy sneaker that has captured our attention

The best sneakers for men are really more than a wardrobe staple. You want a pair of sneakers that you’ll likely to reach for more than any other in your wardrobe, they are the base of the menswear food pyramid.

There are a mind-boggling amount of sneakers out there, from all-time classics to wild-styles flexes that promise you the peak of any mountain you climb, designer models and affordable upstart brands. And it’s no revelation that the worlds of fashion and the outdoors have become increasingly intertwined.

Jasper Casual Sneakers: Multi-Pale Olive    

And as we know high-performance sneaker are not reserved if you want to go off-road, but having a pair of sneakers that you can come back to, like the Jasper from KEEN, an after sport sneaker that not only looks amazing but has the ability to give your feet a welcoming rest after a long day of play. Some sneakers are built better than others and the Jasper is one of them. The cushioning cork and latex footbed conforms to your foot’s natural shape, and even if you’re only planning to tread city streets in them, comfort, durability, and style are still key.

There is an undeniable great feeling when you crack open a fresh pair, and the Jasper from Keen, a climbing inspired upp design and done up with a rugged looking with rope-inspired laces, that come with custom-fit so your tongue-to-toe extended lacing system will let you fully customise the fit to match your chosen activity. So you have that sneaker look, that’s not only durable, but acts like a climbing-inspired approach shoe with a cushier support.

And what is the most you want from your sneakers apart from an appealing look, it’s sneaker comfort. 

The Jasper has removable PU insoles to let you fully customise the fit to your activity, and a lighter footprint, with eco anti-odour for natural odour control and made from environmentally preferred suede that reduces the impact on the planet and non-marking rubber outsole, while white branding provides bit of contrast, and contrast olive elements can be found on the on the sneaker to round out standout design details.

So  sure, there may be some sadness when your old sneakers are banished but you can thank them for their service and set them free. They gave you hundreds of wears. But now it’s time to give your feet the proper sneakers that they deserve. It’s the circle of life.

The jasper comes in 5 colourways.

Buy online: KEEN