A Man’s Guide: How To Wear Pink

Pink really is an exceptional colour for men. Particularly in the summer months when you can pair it with just about everything and every contrasting colour. Pink really does look good in the warmer months, it seems to be one of those colours that make your tan look even better and gives you a healthy glow, and can be vibrant or soft, smart or louche, dressed up or down – it really is that versatile. But it also looks just as great in the autumn-to-winter months too, if you choose wisely and go for classics that will last, like, forever.

Want to wear pink to work? It’s an easy colour to slot into what you already wear. In tailoring, it plays very well with other traditional masculine colours, and there’s a reason that your pink shirt and navy suit has become a modern power dressing staple.

Want to wear pink as workwear? You don’t need to think that anyone wearing pink needs to ‘man up’ is a little old in the tooth. You can put the colour to work on rugged workwear pieces, like bomber jackets, denim jackets and sweatshirts, it’s an easy way to get those looks for all the right reasons down at your local pub or bar.

Want to wear pink as streetwear? If you need any further proof that pink is infiltrating into your everyday streetwear, and man, does it look good. On saying that, streetwear may have gathered acceptance for whatever you feel like, or want to wear, but it’s been ahead of the pack when it comes to pink. Commonly used on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies either plain pink is something that sits very neatly under a denim shirt or jacket.

So whatever you do, don’t cast this colour side. Embrace the fact that you could easily look great, and turn a few heads for the right reasons.