A look at some of the most expensive smartphones on Earth 

Whether it’s for following health and fitness advice online or to share images on popular social media platforms like Instagram, the vast majority of us have become heavily reliant on our smartphones. But what if we were to tell you that there are some hugely expensive devices that are being snapped up by the rich and famous? 

Yes, that’s right, high-end smartphones are a thing and they’re worth staggering amounts of money. Housing some of the best technology around and boasting a range of luxurious designs and incredible features, these souped-up devices can perform the same functionalities as regular devices, except they’ve been given a notable modern-day facelift. There clearly is a market for them in some circles, too.

Filled with everything from black diamonds to the most powerful software around, below is a look at some of the most expensive smartphone devices in the world. 

Goldvish Le Million – $1 million

A creation that has been executed to perfection by Swiss brand Goldvish, the Goldvish Le Million is worth $1 million thanks to a number of flashy design features that separate it out from most other devices on the market. Made from 18 karat white gold and also featuring 120 carats of VVS-1 graded diamonds, this beast of a phone is capable of housing any of the go-to entertainment products of today in the best way possible, from popular streaming services like Netflix to leading gaming titles with a glitz and glamour feel like The Great Pigsby game. Also boasting additional features like having an internal storage of 2gb and a 950 mah battery, this luxurious device has a few owners in the world. 

iPhone 3G Kings Button – $2.5 million

As you might expect given the popularity of the brand, the iPhone is a device that tends to be spruced up a lot. In this particular space, it has been elevated massively on numerous occasions, with the iPhone 3G Kings Button costing a frankly astounding $2.5 million. This particular Apple device has been created by Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson and is officially in the top 10 most expensive phones on the planet. It contains an 18-karat diamond that can come in either white, yellow, or rose gold, it has 138 supercut diamonds and a huge 6.6-carat diamond as its home button.

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Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose – $8 million

An esteemed designer in this particular space, Stuart Hughes has put his name to some of the most elaborate smartphone devices around. In the case of the Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose and its price tag of $8 million, this solid rose gold handset is packed full of 500 diamonds that are 100 carats, while the logo contains 53 diamonds and the start button is made up of a 7.4 carat single cut pink diamond. The phone itself even comes packaged in a 7kg granite box, highlighting just how much effort has gone into creating such an expensive device. Somewhat amazingly, Stuart Hughes has an even more pricy phone to his name, with the Stuart Hughes iPhone 4S Elite Gold costing a cool $9.4 million. Madness. 

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond – $48.5 million

(Image via https://twitter.com/randomable_)

If you have $48.5 million saved up, then why not purchase the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond? Actually, please don’t. While the phone might look the part, spending such an amount of money on a smartphone device is hard fathom for the vast majority of people. Officially the most expensive phone ever, it’s made of 24-karat gold and features a giant pink diamond on the back.